How Swig Life Increased Organic Traffic and Brand Awareness during the Fall and Holiday Season


Like most e-commerce brands, Swig Life had been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Swig Life wanted to improve their online presence to remain relevant and noticeable as the competitiveness of online shopping increased. Swig Life’s main goal upon campaign launch was to continue to drive sales and organic traffic, as well as bring recognition and overall growth to the company despite the challenges ahead. Partnered with Perfect Search’s expert SEO support that involved crawling their site for errors, extensive keyword research, metadata optimizations, A/B testing, and much more, Swig Life was able to achieve their goals.

Our strategy

Perfect Search began by creating and implementing custom metadata optimizations, with batches of new pages continuing to be optimized frequently.

    • Our strategy aligned with new product launches, as well as Swig Life’s 2021 Holiday Launch/Marketing Calendar

We compiled bi-weekly keyword reports in addition to monthly SEO reports to monitor competition and determine which keywords presented new SERP opportunities for Swig Life.

Our team then optimized existing site content, such as blogs and high traffic pages, to increase SERP position and win organic search answer boxes.

    • Content optimization strategy included optimizations to drive Swig Life’s new product drops, holiday launches, and Black Friday sales

We used website audits to identify 404 errors and implemented 301 redirects for a smoother user experience.

    • PSM regularly checked in with Swig Life regarding site speed performance once this became a stronger ranking factor for Google’s algorithm

To improve accessibility for those unable to see, we created and implemented image alt tags to describe Swig Life’s many images. We also created internal links to aid UX and expanded schema data across the site to improve overall visibility.

In the absence of a robust web development team, PSM served as technical support and took on additional projects, including URL structure, renaming, and redirects outside of our roadmap.


310.6% increase in sessions with transactions

122.8% increase in organic traffic

173.9% increase in organic impressions YoY

6.1% increase in organic traffic YoY

14.7% increase in “swig” Google interest YoY

What this means for your business

Although the e-commerce market has become oversaturated in recent years, SEO efforts can prove extremely valuable for any business partnered with the right digital marketing team. In less than three months, Perfect Search’s SEO strategy helped boost organic impressions, clicks, and traffic during a competitive holiday shopping season compared to previous years. No matter how daunting it may seem to compete with online retailers, PSM’s technical, on-page, and UX SEO work can help your business grow in no time at all.

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