How SmithMarco Improved Account Performance by Implementing Effective Responsive Search Ads


With the June 2022 deadline to create and edit expanded text ads, SmithMarco wanted to ensure that its account had responsive search ads ready to go. Perfect Search also used this opportunity to review and refresh the account’s ad creative and improve key account metrics.

Our strategy

Perfect Search began by reviewing all current ad copy with a focus on the current expanded text ads. We edited them to make sure they were all evergreen ads by removing any dates or language that was too specific to the time and handling any disapprovals that required ad copy changes.

The team built out responsive search ads for every campaign and ad group. We focused on maximizing the RSAs value, with intentional keyword research and usage, along with the maximum volume of ad copy permitted.

Once approved and uploaded, we paused any past expanded text ads that did not follow best practices and any past standard text ads that were still enabled in the account.

The team enabled all of the new responsive search ads and made optimizations as needed based on Google’s performance recommendations.


50% decrease in average cost-per-click
allowing our budget to pay for more clicks per month. The new ads also improved our click through rate from 4.48% to 6.49%.

32% decrease in cost per contact (form submission or phone call)

39% increase in contact volume

What this means for your business

Updated ad copy that follows best practices can hugely improve account performance and lead to higher metrics across the board. Embracing Google’s shift towards automation and AI can also improve baseline account metrics. It’s important to test new features as they become available on the platform. By continuing to test and update your account’s ad copy, you can discover better metrics than you may have thought possible.

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