How the American Massage Therapy Association Increased Revenue & Expanded Their Membership & Purchases

Case study:
Social Media Advertising


The American Massage Therapy Association wanted to expand membership enrollment and online course purchases

Our strategy

Optimized AMTA’s Facebook ads by testing new copy, using square images to take up more space in the News Feed, and testing new images with unique style and colors.

Created larger campaigns to best utilize campaign budget optimization machine learning.

Targeted each audience with one type of ad, rather than using the same audience many times in multiple campaigns, and ad sets with different conversion types.


"We’ve seen a 12% increase in our year over year purchases and a 51% in our website year over year conversion rate. Our experience with them has been fantastic. They put a lot of effort into looking at our needs. Their team structured a campaign that was truly effective at getting what we were trying to achieve."

Katie Houdek

79% Increase in Memberships

12% Increase in YOY Online Course Purchases

51% Increase in Website YOY Conversion Rate

What this means for your business

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms can be important sources to increase memberships and online revenue for non-profit organizations. However, ad changes and account structure can dramatically affect performance on social media. Partnering with an experienced agency with social media advertising experts can help you get the best performance possible.

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