How Blitsy doubled revenue through social media advertising efforts


Blitsy wanted Perfect Search to help them grow sales through social media advertising and target first-time customers.

Our strategy

Using the Facebook pixel, we created a custom audience of all purchasers in the past 120 days. We remarketed to these users, which drove low cost per conversion, high ROAS purchases.

Perfect Search also added 1% and 3% lookalikes to our targeting strategy to grow first-time customers below our target cost per conversion goal.

Created a short video ad for Facebook and advertised it to specific targeted audiences.


113.87% increase in revenue

Blitsy Case study graph

88.09% increase in website purchases
25.85% increase in ROAS

What this means for your business

If you haven’t tested video ads, now’s the time. By trying video ads, we helped Blitsy grow their social media presence, increase purchases, and beat their cost per conversion goal. Win-win-win.

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