This Craft Store transformed their company from solely brick and mortar to e-commerce in October 2018. They wanted to increase e-commerce revenue and awareness of their e-commerce transition through advertising their unique weekly sales.

Our strategy

Our creative team synced with their marketing team to create 5+ unique weekly deal ads designed for the time-sensitive promotions. (They have “Weekly deals” that will last anywhere from 1 day to the whole week).

We tested different UVPs and ad copy to find the most enticing message for users in order to decrease CPCs and increase relevant paid traffic.

We tested different ad images (product vs general promotion imagery) in order to find the most appealing visual for users and decrease CPCs and increase relevant paid traffic.

We tested different landing pages for different promotions in order to find the strongest landing page experience for the user.

We tested different product promotions from their comprehensive list of weekly deals in order to find the best products and promotions that prospecting and remarketing audiences respond to.


158% Increase in click through rate
35% Decrease in cost/purchase
39% Decrease in CPC

What this means for your business

If you’re a retail site with lots of promotions, it pays off to set up unique, targeted social ads for them. Doing so can help decrease your CPCs, improve CTR, and grow revenue.

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