A Film Academy wanted to increase student applications from their primary social advertising channels, Facebook and Instagram.

Our strategy

Perfect Search restructured the account with more segmented campaigns and ad sets.

We found relevant interests and added ad sets targeting lookalike and remarketing audiences.

We worked with the client to create new ad creative, copy and landing pages for the Facebook and Instagram audiences.

We implemented UTM tagging to allow the client to track the source of student applications.

We optimized ad set budgets to maximize leads from the strongest performing geo-targets and programs for their numerous programs and locations around the US and Abroad.


500 Increase in leads

NYFA Cost and Cost per Lead

14% decrease in cost per lead

What this means for your business

Account structure and targeting are just as crucial for social media advertising as they are to search and display. The account restructure and more granular targeting allowed this film academy to increase their lead volume while saving money at the same time.

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