Guide to Remote Work

More and more organizations are opting for remote work and telecommunication options to be a permanent part of their business. To help you in your transition, we’ve created this guide to answer your questions about how to set up a workspace, maintain great communications with your team, and more. Check out this guide to make remote work, work!

What’s Covered

  • How to set up a workspace
  • Setting your team up for success
  • Staying connected with your team

Who should read this

  • Digital marketing leaders
  • Department heads
  • People working from home
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Nowadays, the option to work remotely is becoming imperative. In offering remote flexibility, your team is able to make more decisions concerning their workflow and have more opportunities to create a balance in their professional and personal lives.

Working remotely doesn’t just mean working from home. It’s the option to choose your work environment––wherever that may be.


  • Saving money and time
  • Having more time to optimize your lifestyle (cooking, going to the gym, self-care)
  • Increased productivity

A good way to make working remotely work is to make sure you have a dedicated workspace that is as outfitted as your office station. This means you have access to all the same work tools that make your job possible and easier.


  • Desk
  • Laptop
  • Chair
  • Lamps
  • Monitor

If you’re managing a team, consider giving them a budget to help your team create this space in their desired remote work location with the tools that are most important to them.


You may not be sitting next to your teammates but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still having robust communications with them. The same goes for clients, too!

Be sure you and your team are sharing information and communicating just like you might in the office. This might mean not just communicating more but more often, too.


Camera-on meetings — Whether you’re on a call with your teammates or clients, having camera-on meetings helps humanize the persons on the other end of the call. If you haven’t seen someone in a while, it’s a welcome change of pace to check-in and having something akin to a face-to-face conversation.

Virtual happy hours — Every Thursday we wind down, reflect on the week we’ve had, and cheers to our hard work and efforts.

Non-work related Slack channels — In addition to our professional channels, we have a recipe, meme, book, and kickball channel. If you and a few other people have something in common and you like to chat about it, make a Slack channel!