14 Digital Marketing Valentines to Fall in Love With

Kaylas Valentines Post
Kayla Hammersmith
February 7, 2023

So. Valentine’s Day.

It’s a holiday that evokes a pretty polarizing response.

You might believe that it’s a commercial scam perpetuated by Big Hallmark—or you might enjoy the opportunity to share your affection for loved ones. Either way, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that stores will sell chocolate for ~super low prices~ on February 15.

Another truth? It’s surprisingly easy to create digital marketing Valentines. So we went for it.

Check out our digital marketing valentines—and don’t forget to share them with your V-Day bae (or, you know, your coworkers)!

Valentine #1: Conversation (ahem, conversion) hearts.



Valentine #2: A relationship status code.


 Valentine #3: A perfect match.


Valentine #4: Longtails & cocktails.


Valentine #5: Roses are red, click here.



Valentine #6: Shopping around for a valentine.

Valentine #7: SERP, girl.


Valentine #8: Yep, we went there.



Valentine #9: Ahoy there. 


Valentine #10: Call-to-action, maybe?


Valentine #11: The important metrics.



Valentine #12: Are you impressed yet?


Valentine #13: Best date ever.


Valentine #14: Step aside, mobile-first index.

Kayla Hammersmith
Strategic Content Advisor

Kayla Hammersmith is a huge fan of Nancy Drew computer games and swears that she can do a very specific impression of Pal, the dog from Arthur. You might often find her snacking on goat cheese as she dreams of one day becoming a cellist savant.

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