4 Digital Marketing Design Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Anna Allingham
January 24, 2020

Digital marketing design is evolving fast with platforms coming up with new placements and supporting new formats. It’s important to stay on top of everything that comes up to make sure you’re putting out the best, competitive content. 

To keep you ahead of the curve, here are four trends to keep an eye on as we cruise through 2020!

1. Interactive Content

With so much content to wade through these days, it’s important to stand out. Flashy ads are easy to skip and videos can only hold attention for so long. Interactive content engages users and forces them to stop. 

With the rollout of Instagram interactive story ads, marketers have gotten more creative in targeting their audiences and getting users to care about knowing more. Through polling sticker, companies like Dunkin Donuts have seen a 20% lower cost-per-video-view. Stickers also offer greater options to more difficult to advertise industries, like healthcare, to host Q&A sessions, poll their community, and make quizzes to increase user engagement and share more content. 

2. User-generated content

With almost 80% of people having a social media account in the US, there is an unbelievable amount of content circulating the world. It may be hard to weed through but, believe it or not, there are some gems worth looking for. For brands, it’s important to take advantage of user-generated content mostly because of its low cost and offers an opportunity to gain more business through user influence. 

3. Strong Branding 

Users like a brand that they can trust. That means being consistent in your branding, positioning yourself as the expert, having great content, and including testimonials and feedback from those who have worked with you. Branding is now more important than ever—especially considering Google’s rollout of E.A.T. guidelines. 

Google’s E.A.T. stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. E.A.T. determines how valuable a website is and the more valuable Google thinks your website is, the more valuable your users will think it is, too. 

Branding is important across all areas including digital marketing. To create a campaign that stands out and that users will remember while highlighting your brand is key to success. 

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing was hot in 2019 and will continue to be on fire in 2020. Marketers are changing how video is integrated into their campaigns and making it work the best for them. Videos have proven again and again that they outperform static images whether it’s animations, videos, or slideshows. Videos can include much more content giving you the advantage over a single image ad, especially on Facebook where you have the 20% text image rule. 

If you’re worried about cost or your team doesn’t have the bandwidth for a deeper investment into video, check out our post on How to Design Video Creative for Social Media Affordably and Fast for some creative ways to start testing without breaking the bank.

Take the time to improve your digital marketing strategies by following these trends and tips. Adding interactive content, using user-generated content, focusing on your branding and adding a bit of video movement are all small steps you can take to see great results. 

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Anna Allingham
Senior Designer

Anna Allingham lives in the outskirts of Denver, Colorado but will always be a Chicagoan at heart. When she’s not geeking out over data visualizations and playing Stardew Valley, Anna spends her days planning her next trip – and a safari in Tanzania is at the top of her list.

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