5 Basic Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Online Presence

Digital Marketing Basics Featured Max
Maxwell Stern
November 11, 2014

Whether you just created your very first company website or have had one for many years, you can always improve your business’s online presence with digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing involves reaching consumers through multiple channels online. Keeping up with trends in the digital marketing industry may not be on your agenda, but consider the following steps to enhance your online presence, gain more followers, increase revenue, and build brand awareness.


1. Set up a Social Network

Social media is pervasive to online business. As a business owner, it’s a good move to build a social following, especially if your business targets a young demographic. Getting started with social media is free and simple. Easily advertise new products by setting up a Facebook business page. Reach mobile users with sites such as Twitter or Tumblr. Recruit new members or connect with professionals via LinkedIn. Whatever you decide, be sure to create links on your website and keep up with posts, maintenance, and appearance. First impressions mean everything, especially on the network.


2. Start a Blog (Even better a video blog)

The best way to share new information about your industry is by publishing blog posts. Not only is blogging perfect for communicating longer posts, but it’s a great way to gain more long-term followers. Blogging is also inexpensive and easy to digest. Take advantage of free services like YouTube to create a video blog. Videos are powerful tools for demonstrating how your products work or what your shop, team, or company is like. Everybody enjoys watching high quality content.


3. Create a Survey

Surveys can offer much insight to what your consumers want or think. By conducting an online survey, you will gain a better understanding of your market, and will be able to offer better products in the long run. With online services such as SurveyMonkey, you can run a simple to complex survey in a matter of minutes.


4. Engage in Email Marketing

Online businesses that send out emails are much more likely to increase customer loyalty and conversions. With an email blast, you can feature new products, offer special discounts or sales, and reach thousands of customers at the click of a mouse. Set up a mailing list for free with MailChimp or Constant Contact.


5. Look Into Search Engine Optimization & Web Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of the digital marketing world. With SEO, you can optimize meta data, keywords, and on-page content to dramatically increase search traffic to your site. This area of analysis may require some expertise; a definite consideration if you have the budget. A good way to start is by installing tracking software such as Google Analytics in order to see how search engine traffic interacts with your site. With web analytics, you will be able to gather new data about how visitors behave on your site, extract trends, and improve how users flow from page to page based on the information.


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