5 Features to Look Out For in the New Perfect Search Website

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Kayla Hammersmith
September 3, 2015

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Perfect Search has a shiny new website and logo. Oh, you already knew that? Okay, I’ll stop stating the obvious. (Except I’ll never stop telling the world that seasons 2 and 3 of The Office—U.S. version, duh—are the best seasons of TV, ever. I don’t care if it’s obvious, or if you disagree, everyone needs to know.)

Besides the snazzy new logo and overall website reorganization, the new site has several awesome features that everyone needs to be aware of. If you’re feeling fancy, I definitely recommend checking out our press release to learn how our rebrand marks a new chapter of company growth. Then explore our new site and pay special attention to the following features:

1) Baby pictures

No, there aren’t a bunch of adorable infant SEO and PPC analysts working here. Child labor laws, people. One of best features of the new site is the “Our Team” page. Not only are there stunning pictures of all of our team members, if you move your mouse over each individual, a very cute photo of the team member shows up. I nominate Doug for cutest baby. Seriously.

Doug Chang Perfect Search new website

2) Testimonials

The new testimonials page includes awesome endorsements from current and former clients. Keep scrolling down, more testimonials pop up infinitely! Okay, not infinitely. That’s probably mathematically impossible. Still, this page feels like a very kind yearbook page with notes from all our favorite pals, but without the abundance of “HAGS” messages. We did have a great summer, though, thank you very much.

3) Functional search bar

Insider tip: the search bar on the homepage is functional. Just click on the bar and you can search for anything within the site!

Perfect Search new website

4) Team member bios

Once you’ve read a blog post, click on the author’s name. Each blog post is linked to a team member bio, which includes fun facts and a compilation of all of their posts. Not only can you easily find other posts by the same author, you can also learn more about each team member’s unique personality. You can check out everyone’s intelligent thoughts as well as learn more about our interests. Sneak peek: If our Senior Designer Anna was ever on the Real Housewives, her tagline would be: “I may be broke, but it pays to be beautiful!” I like to think that if I were ever on the classic MTV show Next, they would use my team member bio.

Kayla Hammersmith Perfect Search new website

5) An Ajay easter egg hunt

Saved the best for last. If you go to our company history page, you’ll learn more about how CEO & Founder Ajay began Perfect Search. You’ll also see a plethora of cartoon Ajays illustrating his ten-year journey in digital marketing. Poke around the page and tweet us @Perfect_Search to let us know how many Ajays you find! 

Ajay Perfect Search new website


Okay, but isn’t Doug such a cute baby? How many Ajays did you find? Email us at info@perfectsearchmedia.com or tweet us @Perfect_Search! Don’t forget to explore our new site and learn more about it here

Kayla Hammersmith
Strategic Content Advisor

Kayla Hammersmith is a huge fan of Nancy Drew computer games and swears that she can do a very specific impression of Pal, the dog from Arthur. You might often find her snacking on goat cheese as she dreams of one day becoming a cellist savant.

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