7 AdWords Tips to Help Your Business Save Money & Improve Performance

Kaylas Adwords Tips Post
Kayla Hammersmith
April 21, 2017

Sometimes, a small AdWords update can have a huge impact on your search campaigns. Looking for improved efficiency? More conversions? A bigger ROI for your business?

Good news. Our expert search & social advertising team curated 7 AdWords tips just for your business. Don’t just get by on AdWords. We’ll make sure your search accounts are optimized *to the max*.


Tip #1) Try device bid adjustments

Not all device conversions are created equal. Ever tried device bid adjustments?

“Businesses need to utilize bid adjustments in order to maximize their efficiency across devices. Almost every account sees different CPCs, conversion rates, and efficiency across mobile, desktop, and tablet. These bid adjustments allow us to get the best performance across each device. –Eric Yarnik, Director of Search & Social Advertising


Tip #2) *Always* be testing

Don’t get complacent with your ad strategy.

“Testing ads is important in order to improve both CTR and CVR. User behavior can mean that a user sees your ads a few times a day, making your ads stale. Your competitors in the SERP can change their ads or offerings. By testing your ads, you’ll ensure that your creative is always fresh. Plus, it’s always better to be working towards a better CTR/CVR than yesterday.”–Eric Yarnik, Director of Search & Social Advertising


Tip #3) Experiment with RLSAs

Drop some $$$ on your returning visitors. Ever tried remarketing lists for search ads?

“All businesses should use RLSA. They let you target your past visitors and customers whether they’re searching generically or for a business like yours. Reaching returning visitors can make your campaigns more efficient.”–Anthony Lower, Director of Search & Social Advertising


Tip #4) Set up micro conversions

Micro conversions can lead to macro insights on your sales funnel.

“Micro conversions give you a better understanding of how users are engaging with your website. Generally, the more data you have, the more informed your optimizations will be. Micro conversions give you an extra layer of conversion visibility to help you find optimal bids.”–Benn Myers, Manager of Search & Social Advertising


Tip #5) Test local bid adjustments

Are your ads taking advantage of location bid adjustments?

“Location bid adjustments allow you to limit areas that have low conversion volume or value, and focus your ad spend into the areas with the highest conversion rates and value.”–Anthony Lower, Director of Search & Social Advertising


Tip #6) Try ad scheduling

Time of day. Day of the week. Get specific in how you show your ads.

“Ad scheduling, or day parting, gives businesses control over when their AdWords ads run. With this feature, advertisers can exclude specific hours of the day or days of the week and can also set bid modifiers based on campaign performance. For example, if your business operates on a strict 9 to 5 schedule, you can schedule your ads to run between these hours, reducing irrelevant ad spend and unhappy customers. Ad schedule adjustments often lead to incremental gains in ad performance and account efficiency.–Quinn Dolan, Analyst of Search & Social


Tip #7) Set up a strong account structure

Strong account structure → Good quality scores → Cheap CPCs. You in?

“A strong account structure means that your account is set up in such a way that you can easily funnel your budget into high-performing areas and away from poorly-performing areas. It also allows you to serve highly specific ads in relation to a user’s search query.”–Benn Myers, Manager of Search & Social Advertising


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Kayla Hammersmith
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