Alison Ogunmokun

Manager, SEO Copywriting & Strategy

  • Favorite sports team: Serena Williams
  • What sports/activities did you do as a kid: Circus, gymnastics, basketball
  • Name one fictional character you’d like to be friends with: Linda from Bob’s Burgers
  • What is your guilty pleasure?: Nine hours of sleep

3 Morale Boosters You Can Try Right Now!

If in the past few days, weeks, and beyond you’ve found yourself in a funk, you’re not alone. The current socio-political climate feels precarious and it’s hard to feel unaffected by this. Admittedly, our collective consciousness seems to be occupied by some scary and unpredictable things. And, …

3 Ways to Develop Your Voice for Content Writing!

A great question most writers ponder besides “where’s my pen?” is how do I find my voice? This question usually alludes to a writer’s desire to generate writing that is distinct and recognizable in style. Such a task can feel daunting as a writer’s voice is the platform that makes their ideas …

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