Posts by Katie Cavanaugh

How to Evaluate Your Marketing Tech Stack (And Actually Prove Its Value!)

Whether you’ve just recently changed positions and become a new marketing leader, need to scale your team and its abilities, or are looking for areas you can squeeze some extra budget from, understanding the effectiveness of your marketing tech stack is no easy feat. 

What Is Programmatic Marketing—and How Can It Supercharge Your ROI?

The advertisement landscape continues to grow increasingly competitive. To keep up, many marketers have turned to programmatic marketing to get the most out of their ad investment. 

More Than Just a Pretty Feed: Why Instagram Advertising is a Must

Facebook is for cringe-worthy mom comments, Snapchat is for the dog face filters, YouTube is for beauty tutorials, and Instagram is for #foodporn. Or are they?

Romancing Bing: How to Cater to 30% of the Market Share

Imagine if a bachelor (from “The Bachelor,” of course) ignored 30% of the possible contestants. His chances of finding lasting love would be even more microscopic than if he gave equal attention to all his suitors. Fewer dates, less drama, less angst. What if one of the women he had paid no …

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