Tim Wagner

Director, Business Development

  • Favorite Summertime Activity: Playing golf
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate chip cookies
  • Favorite Drink: Bourbon
  • Weirdest Job He’s Ever Had: Backyard pond digger

3 Business Development Tips to Start 2018 Off Strong

It’s a new year. It’s a time to wear more layers for your commute, pay attention to the increasingly important NFL games, and ensure your business is set up for 2018.

How Your B2B Organization Can Improve Client Retention

Any B2B organization should consider themselves an extension of their client’s marketing team. Great partners aren’t just involved in the growth and performance of the channels they are managing. They’re truly invested in the overall business and have close relationships with the individuals on …

Why Company Culture Matters When You’re Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

There are many factors involved in how businesses hire digital marketing agencies. While RFPs, preferred vendor lists, and prior relationships are still strong factors in hiring an agency, company culture is gaining traction as well.

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