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Alyssa Mattero
March 19, 2014

“Dentist” is searched 135,000 times in the average month. There are roughly 41,600,000 websites competing for the coveted search term at all times.

Needless to say, dentists and dental marketers have their work cut out for them.

The good news…Dental is only one of many industries that has to battle against overpopulated online real estate.

We marketers have learned a few tricks to deal with fierce competition online.

Learn about them below and feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.



Dental Marketing is all about LOCALITY, CONVENIENCE & QUALITY.



1. Create location pages on your website for every city, suburb or neighborhood you are trying to target.

Having a web page dedicated to Dental Services in New Brighton will show Google that your business is probably more relevant to the search term, “Dental Services in New Brighton” than companies who don’t have a page dedicated to that area as long as the content is properly optimized. If you choose to have an agency do this for you, make sure they are trustworthy and knowledgeable (like us) because there’s nothing worse for SEO than duplicate content across 100 pages (we’ve seen other agencies do this. Crazy!)


2. Fill out your directory listings completely. No blank fields. Add photos, videos or any other marketing materials you may have to give your listing a personal touch.


3. Add before and after pictures on your site. In addition to testimonials, before and after pictures speak to your practice’s credibility and expertise. These photos are a great way to emphasize results, especially if you specialize in cosmetic dentistry.


4. Add a contact form on your site. Even better, add an online appointment scheduler application. You want to make the contact process as easy as possible. Some people may prefer calling but more and more people are drawn to contact forms and online submissions because of the convenience.


5. Separate your services by page. If you list all of your services on one page, Google won’t know which service is most relevant to that page which decreases your chances of ranking for any of the service keywords. Create a unique page for each service with supportive content. If you dedicate one page to ‘Dental Implants,’ its more likely going to come up in a Google search for that keyword than a page that talks about dental implants, veneers and dental cleanings.




A real life Dentist Case Study



A dentist from Los Angeles came to us seeking a boost in visits to their site.

Using our long-tail keyword strategy for SEO, we were able to help them.

We focused on optimizing webpage content, title tags, header tags and image tags. We also removed harmful backlinks that appeared spammy to Google.

In four months, we were able to increase targeted website visits by 181%



Month Visits
June 2013 150
July 2013 186
August 2013 180
September 2013 172
October 2013 271
Total Growth 181%



Dental Marketing Example


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