I Want to Help, I Promise! A Message from Andrew Frey

Andrew Frey
February 14, 2022

As the great Stan Lee once said, “Greetings True Believers!” 

If somebody from Perfect Search has reached out to you, it’s more than likely you’ve received a message, crafted and sent, by yours truly. Today’s message is to give you more insights on the ins and outs of business development here at PSM.

My job is to gain your business—this isn’t a secret. I’ve got bills to pay, cats to feed, and, moreover, I like closing deals. This means I have to get your attention and that’s not an easy task. So, the question becomes what’s a fella gotta do to get a little attention around here?

Answer: Demonstrate value quickly, accessibly, and in a way that makes you think “I could chat with this guy for a little while.”

As I mentioned, my efforts are to get to the heart of my message: “let’s do business, you and I.”–not just because I have cats to feed but because I’m confident the value I have to offer is to the benefit of your success. 

Generally speaking, I prefer to break up my outreach into fun-size nuggets of “here’s how we help” and “what we can provide for you” messages called “touchpoints”. 

Here’s why I use them:

  • Messages get lost

  • Not every message is suited for every recipient 

  • Recipients don’t open every e-mail

My goals stem from my desire to help. In my past sales life, calls went something like this… get on the phone, chat about the weather and/or your favorite sports team, then awkwardly start offering services. I don’t do this anymore. Why?

First and foremost, I live in Chicago where the weather does as it pleases. Second, I’m more of a music and art kind of guy and would rather bond about comics than sports. I’m more interested in conversation that’s succinct, allows me to learn about you, and decide if our partnership makes sense. Relationships are predicated on natural conversation that is honest and transparent. I trust that this method because it works for me. 

At Perfect Search, we view our engagements as partnerships.  I am the first point of contact in what could be a long relationship. And so, it’s important to me that you know we genuinely care about you, your business, your needs, and goals. Most importantly, my goal is to show you that we respect you from the start. 


-Andrew Frey


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Andrew Frey
Account Executive

Born and raised in Indiana, Andrew Frey geeks out over comic books, music, and film. His ideal dinner feast would include an old fashioned, his dad’s meatloaf, and coffee ice cream.

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