A New Way to Use Twitter for Business in 2014

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Alyssa Mattero
February 19, 2014


Twitter for Business 2014:


Personal-professional twitter accounts





What is a Personal-Professional Twitter Account?

A personal-professional twitter (PPT) account is an account that is created for business purposes that utilizes the advantages of personal account characteristics. 

PPT accounts have an advantage over traditional brand or business accounts because they allow users to connect with a person rather than corporation.

Branded accounts want users to connect with the brand.


PPT accounts want users to engage with a person representing the brand.



What are your PPT goals?


We established that PPT accounts are created to engage users with someone representing a brand but your goals need to go a step further.


You need to answer WHO, WHAT, WHY and WHERE


    • Who are you trying to target?


    • What action do you want that target audience to take on Twitter? After that?


    • Why is it important that users engage with PPT account?


    • Where is your target audience?

Go one step further

What are you hoping to achieve on Twitter? Who are you trying to reach?

Your twitter goals should consist of 3 parts:

    1.  a metric


    1. a targeted audience


    1. a deadline.
Example goals: 



I want to receive 10 retweets from Chicago news publications by October


I want to generate 30 website visits from Chicago twitter users by September.

See more at: http://chicagoagentmagazine.com/3-crucial-steps-to-using-twitter-for-your-real-estate-business/#sthash.3uMJLrbi.dpuf


What makes up a Twitter Account




•Address that people use to communicate with you on twitter @username


•Becomes a part of your twitter profile URL


•Ex. https://twitter.com/username




Email Address






What makes up a Twitter Profile

    • Name (First and Last)
        • What appears in Twitter Feed


    • Location
        • Appears in profile under Bio


    • Bio
        •  Shows as blurb beside your username in search results


        • Also appears under your name and username on profile page


    • Website
        • Appears in profile under Bio


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