Perfect Search Wins TWO Vega Awards in 2022

Ryan Mahoney
December 9, 2022

We’re incredibly pleased to announce the Vega Awards selected Perfect Search for two categories in 2022!

The Vega Digital Awards are known for their recognition of excellence within the digital frontier. The awards celebrate creative local and international leaders in a diverse range of categories including websites, video, mobile, social, animation, marketing, and podcasts. They’re known for identifying innovators who set the standards for innovation, creativity, and foresight in their industry. Their winners truly represent the brightest media producers. 

We’re truly humbled to have won Arcturus Awards in two categories! Arcturus is the name of the third-brightest individual star in the night sky. It’s no wonder the Vega Awards use ‘Arcturus’ as a synonym for bronze

vega award logo arcturus

Arcturus Award: SEM Campaign

We’re thrilled we earned the 2022 Arcturus Vega Award for SEM Campaign!

Our submission for this award featured our case study for ReviewTrackers. This client’s primary goal was to drive more qualified leads from digital advertising across multiple channels. Their new marketing leader was ready to improve the ROI from their online efforts.

After reviewing and optimizing previous campaigns and conducting new keyword research, we launched ad campaigns on search, display, and social platforms. In addition, the team leveraged CRM data to inform marketing decisions and optimize campaigns for more valuable deals.

Here are some highlights of the results:

  • 320% Increase in conversions in the first 4 months
  • 61% decrease in cost per lead in the first 4 months

This client needed quick wins, and the Perfect Search team exceed their expectations. We increased their leads and deal size while decreasing their cost per lead. This campaign was a huge success and it’s wonderful to have this award to show for it.

Arcturus Award: Display Advertising

We’re honored to earn the 2022 Arcturus Vega Award in Display Advertising!

Our submission for this award featured a case study for a Medical Clinic. Their main objective was to generate more website traffic and leads. Our paid search experts knew exactly how to deliver.

The Perfect Search team strategically picked the strongest pre-existing imagery for a new StackAdapt campaign. We identified the audiences exclusive to the StackAdapt database that are otherwise unreachable through other platforms and launched ads in display, animated display, native, and video.

Here are some highlights of the results:

  • 22% increase in overall website traffic within two weeks
  • 27% increase in appointment forms started in the first two months

Testing new ad platforms with the help of an expert team can capture your audience’s attention without needless trial and error. We helped our client achieve crucial gains in website traffic and leads in record time.

Check out all of our honors on our Awards page.

Ryan Mahoney

As Perfect Search Media’s Content Marketing Manager, Ryan Mahoney brings over 10 years of marketing and management experience to the table. He leads the content department and is the in-house editor. When he takes off his SEO cap, he enjoys art, antiques, live music, spending time in nature, and visiting family and friends.

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