Team Member Spotlight: Ayesha Goswamy

Ayesha Spotlight Post

Meet Ayesha Goswamy, Perfect Search Media’s Search and Social Analyst! 

1. What’s your favorite part of your job so far? What’s the most challenging part of your job so far? 

This is so clichéd, but my favorite part of the job is definitely the team! I am always so impressed by the knowledge, passion, and dedication all my teammates show daily. Everyone here tries to embody our core values in every task and it shows. I love that we can be playful with each other and simultaneously challenge ideas & grow together. The most challenging part is seamlessly switching between clients & platforms multiple times a day as different tasks come up – shifting mindsets can have a slight learning curve. But at the same time, I absolutely love that I get exposure to so many different verticals and types of brands!

2. What’s your favorite Perfect Search memory?

My favorite Perfect Search memory has to be our Halloween Party last year. Come prepared with a great costume because this is one creative group of people! I loved the games we played and that we got to paint our own pumpkins, and of course, Halloween wouldn’t have been complete without the candy we all got sent!


3. Imagine you get to host a pop-up restaurant for one night. You get to totally design the menu, the drinks, and the location. Describe it to us. 

I don’t like pretentiousness, so I would host a cozy, homey restaurant with all the best comfort food from my childhood. The restaurant would have tons of different seating options and a fireplace. There would be board games and books strewn around for people to just hang out. A two-man band would play mellow music from the 70s and 80s. The food would be from all over the map, so families wouldn’t even have to choose between cuisines in deciding a restaurant. It would all be simple but really elevated.

4. What’s your favorite work task to complete so far? 

My favorite task so far is writing up optimization recommendations for clients based on the data we’re seeing. This intersection of data & creativity is the crux of marketing for me, and I love when numbers can tell a story. I’m excited to continue to learn the art of turning raw data into actionable insights for our clients.


5. Describe your hometown and name 3 landmarks you’d take someone to if they were visiting. 

My hometown is New Delhi, India—and like Shrek—it’s an onion with many layers. The intricate culture of Delhi is hard to encapsulate in just words. A simple walk through the city allows you to experience the overlapping historical influences and the architectural wonders at every corner. The food and art are similarly shaped by the cultural melting pot and are incomparable, from the Michelin Star experiences to the 50¢ dumplings found on street-side stalls. If I were to show someone around Delhi, I would take them to Lodhi Garden, a sprawling park with many monuments, Lotus Temple, a beautiful example of Baha’i architecture, and finally Red Fort, an iconic Mughal fortress.

6. If you could have your own version of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, what would you do?

I have a maaaaaajor sweet tooth, so I would do a dessert crawl through the city of Chicago. I would definitely hit up: Firecakes, JoJo’s Shake Bar, Sweet Mandy B’s, Mindy’s, Hoosier Mama, Bombobar, and Jeni’s. I welcome any and all recommendations to add to my list!



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