Team Member Spotlight: Ben Temple

Bens Spotlight

Business Development Associate Ben Temple’s childhood dream job was becoming a dump truck driver. Clearly, his career path took a turn—and we’re glad to have him. Get to know Ben in his team member spotlight.


1) What’s your favorite part of your job so far? What’s the most challenging part of your job so far?

My favorite part of working at Perfect Search is being able to identify potential clients’ needs by analyzing dips in organic traffic, improvable meta descriptions, etc. It’s a great feeling to know that you’re part of the solution to a concrete and identifiable problem.

As a new addition to Perfect Search, I think the most challenging part of my job has been learning about digital marketing in general. You really have to be a digital marketing expert, even when working in Business Development, to provide any substantial value to your clients.  


2) What surprises you the most about digital marketing?

I’ve been surprised at how easy it is to have a weakness in your online presence without knowing it. I’ve seen major companies with billions of dollars in revenue that aren’t ranking on crucial keywords or have a terrible meta description.

Oversights like these have an even greater impact on large businesses which are seeing millions of site visitors every day. That’s why it’s so important to hire a digital marketing firm that is capable enough and vigilant enough to minimize these instances.  


3) What’s a dream prospective client you’d want to chat with?

Amazon is my dream client. It would be such a fun challenge to work with them because they have a huge variety of products which need to be represented on a SERP. To help with SEO and PPC for millions of SKUs is my idea of a good time.  


4) Imagine you have an unlimited budget to take a weekend trip. Where’d you go? What would you do?

I hear that Elon Musk is starting to offer trips to space through SpaceX. It would be super expensive so that unlimited budget would definitely come in handy!

I’m not sure how much there would be for the passengers to actually do while they’re riding in the rocket, but I’m sure the view would be out of this world. (Nailed it).


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