Team Member Spotlight: Erik Helm

Eriks Spotlight

1. What are you most excited to learn at Perfect Search?

Probably the technical side of SEO. I had a brief introduction to SEO in a past internship but it mostly covered the basics, so I’m excited to get farther into the weeds with some of the more intricate parts.

2. If you could run SEO for one company, who would it be? What would you want to do for them?

As a sports fan, I think it would be fascinating to try and run SEO for the XFL this season. It’s their inaugural year and you’d be going up against a behemoth in the NFL, so it would be a fun challenge to try and see what I could do.

3. Describe your hometown and name 3 landmarks you’d take someone to if they were visiting. 

I grew up in Centerville, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. The absolute first stop would be at Bill’s Donut Shop. There’s just one location and it’s been featured in People’s Magazine, USA Today and others as one of the best in the country. It’s open 24 hours and is as popular a hangout spot at 2 am as 10 am.

The second stop would be the Monkey House. It’s in a park near the center of town and is a little two-story building that sits by itself. A shop owner had opened a store near the park in 1930, and in order to draw customers from surrounding cities, decided to build the house and kept 17 monkeys in there. It was eventually donated to the city, so there are no monkeys anymore, but it’s a cool little house and a quirky part of history.

I’ll cheat a little bit for the third part and say the Air Force Museum for my third one. It’s one town over so a pretty short drive, but it’s free and is the world’s largest aviation museum. It starts with a full-sized replica of the Wright Flyer and goes all throughout history, hosting over 360 full-sized airplanes from different eras. 

4. What’re you looking forward to when winter is over?

Baseball season (Go Reds)

5. What’s your favorite task to complete thus far?

Although it’s not SEO-related, I had a blast filling out the survey I was sent before I even started. The questions were so fun and interesting I could tell I was joining a fun team and a great place to work.

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