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Ever wondered what it’d be like to do digital marketing for *any* client in the world (or outside this world)? Our Director of SEO & Content Justin has. And he has a pretty magical answer. Find out what he says—and what he thinks of SEO in 2016—in our team member spotlight.


1) What do you think SEO means in 2016? How has it changed since you started working in this industry?

In a more broad sense, SEO in 2016 means always considering the user. Google has always prioritized this and it shows when we take into account their unparalleled success in the search sphere.

Since I joined the industry in 2014, we’ve seen the rise in distinct areas where SEO is all about li’l ol’ you and me (a.k.a. the user). These are mobile and content. It’s no secret that Google has placed a large amount of importance on the mobile experience and this is only likely to increase with time.

On the flipside, we also need to be cognizant of how users are searching on their mobile devices. This is entirely different than what we know about desktop searches. As far as content goes, it’s not enough to just put together a piece and find + replace portions with relevant keywords. On top of ensuring that it is keyword rich, it’s all about the content tilt and making sure that it addresses a unique user need.


2) If you could do SEO for any company in the world (real, fictional, use your imagination!), what would it be and what would your strategy be?

I’d totally be the in-castle SEO expert for Hogwarts. Assuming that has a technically buttoned-up website, I’d focus on user experience and content for the school. 

Pottermore does an exceptional job of allowing users to feel as if they are exploring Hogwarts, strolling down Diagon Alley, or even crying over being sorted into Hufflepuff. In some sense, this is the website for Hogwarts and I’d emulate its ability to show budding wizards and witches the student experience at Hogwarts.

As for content, two angles come to mind. Being that Hogwarts is dazzling, mystical, and captivating (and assuming I receive approval from the Ministry of Magic), I’d create video content that highlights a particular Transfiguration lesson that may be appealing to a coming-of-age wizard, or even of a Q&A with one of the ghosts of Hogwarts.

Outside of video content, I’d work with copywriters to ensure that the blog and social media accounts are producing content that balances searchability and shareability. An example of a stellar blog post would be “The 3 Hottest Charms to Keep You Warm & Toasty Through Hogwart’s Blustery Winters.”


3) What’s your favorite work task? What’s your most challenging work task? 

I most enjoy coaching the SEO team and watching them succeed. It’s exceptionally true that we can all learn from each other and more often than not.

Of course, it’s a two-way street. I teach them SEO tips and tricks, while I simultaneously learn new tactics and industry information from them.

The most challenging work task is balancing client work with being a support role for the analysts on my team. In many senses, each analyst is an additional client that deserves just as much if not more (shhh, don’t tell clients I said that) cultivation than client accounts.


4) What’s your favorite Perfect Search memory so far?

In my short time with Perfect Search, there have already been several great memories. What stands out is that my first day happened to coincide with an insightful and engaging off-site meeting.

This was a great way to take a deep dive into the Perfect Search values, to meet my coworkers, and to get excited about the job. After the off-site, we went out for happy hour as a group, which allowed me to get to know everyone even more.


5) What are 3 things you’ve always wanted to do? What are 3 things you’ll never, ever do again?

I’ve always wanted to…

  • Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. I’m certified in scuba and have gone a couple times, but have never dived anything this remarkable. With PSM’s awesome vacation policy and employment perks, hopefully this won’t be too far in the future!
  • Make wine. When I lived in Virginia, I worked at a winery on the weekends for two years. I learned a lot about the different types of grapes and would love to someday try my own hand at this.
  • Live abroad for a short while. Ever since I studied abroad with Semester at Sea, I’ve loved traveling. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited 35+ countries. While I know my home is in the United States, it would be an unforgettable experience to spend just a few months working and living abroad. I’d be very interested in learning about SEO outside the United States!

I’ll never, ever again…

  • Run for office. In undergrad, I was the Executive Vice President of my university’s Student Government Association. This brief stint with pseudo-politics was enough for me to realize I’m not cut out for the stress that comes with running for office. Mad props to our nation’s leader, though!
  • Eat beans, mushrooms, or olives. These are perfectly good ways to ruin a pizza, tacos, etc. Don’t even get me started on raisins masquerading as chocolate chips in cookies.
  • Play baseball in an organized fashion. Aww, it was cute that my dad thought I should play.


What do you think SEO means in 2016? How would you do SEO for Hogwarts? Tweet us at @Perfect_Search.

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