Team Member Spotlight: Paige Dickey

Paige Spotlight Post

We’re wishing a warm welcome to the newest member of the Perfect Search team, Paige Dickey! Get to know Search & Social Advertising Analyst Paige below.


1) What are you most excited to learn about at Perfect Search?

I am most excited to learn about digital consumer behavior. It’s a pretty broad subject, but I find so many facets of it to be fascinating! Seeing all the different channels and mechanisms that consumers use to end up on a landing page and make a purchase decision is so complex and interesting, and unraveling the clues to what attracts a person to click, view, or buy is such a fun challenge.

Even minor differences in keywords, ad copy, and titles can affect the path a customer takes, and I’m eager to see how to optimize each piece that a consumer sees so that they can find what they need and create revenue for businesses.


2) If you could craft a paid search & social strategy for any business, what would it be? What’s one strategy you would test?

I would absolutely love to craft a paid search & social strategy for a nonprofit specializing in ocean and marine life conservation, such as Oceana or The Ocean Conservancy. Fostering donations and support from the public can be a challenge but finding niches and interests of people that will best target audiences who are likely to donate would be so fun and rewarding!

A great strategy I’d want to test is focusing heavily on remarketing and brand building because consumers are likely to give their money to causes that they can trust and that they understand the mission of. There are so many reasons to help protect the oceans and marine life, so I think there is tons of room for finding people’s soft spot and getting them to give to a worthy cause.


3) Describe your hometown and name 3 landmarks you’d take someone to if they were visiting. 

My hometown is Portage, Indiana, a small city on the banks of Lake Michigan in the northwest part of the state. It’s technically a part of the Chicago metropolitan area, so Portage and its nearby localities in “The Region” always felt a lot more connected to Chicago than to Indiana itself.

 Some landmarks (not necessarily in the city limits but in the region) that I would take a visitor to are the beautiful sandy beaches at Indiana Dunes National Park, the Albanese Candy Factory for the BEST gummy bears, and County Line Orchard for some fantastic (albeit seasonal) apple picking and fresh-made pumpkin donuts!


4) What’s on your summer to-do list?

It’s my first summertime in Chicago and my first summer out of college, so I have a plethora of fun ideas on my summer to-do list! I love hiking and exploring the outdoors, so I want to visit Starved Rock State Park and play in some waterfalls.

Although I’ve gone many, many times, I’m always down to see the dolphins and beluga whales at the Shedd, so going to a free Shedd day is also high up on my list. Finally, I hope to discover lots of cool Chicago bars, spend time on the beach, visit my family, and take my cat on walks to explore the city (yes, I said cat, he loves the outdoors).


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