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Rachels Spotlight Post

Could you describe your job to someone from the Wild, Wild West? Unless you work in a saloon, we bet it might be tough. Still, our Business Development Associate Rachel Lehn pulls it off—and includes a cow pun. Read on to find out her business development tips and, of course, that cow pun.


1) What are your top 3 business development tips that anyone could use?

Tip 1: Employ technology to stay organized. I’ve learned that it’s really important to stay organized in the sales process (and life). And no matter how good your memory is, it could use some digital help. So use technology to your advantage! New apps to help with organization release every day, although I stick with basics. Apple reminders, calendar and notes, and Google calendar and Google keep are some of my favorites. Evernote is fab as well.

Tip 2: Personal connections matter. Our CEO, Ajay, is always expanding his personal network. I’ve seen how important that can be for business development, and also for any young person starting a career. Networking can seem annoying, but it gets easier the more you do it. And you won’t regret it next time you’re looking for a job, lead, or insight into a different industry.

Tip 3: Remain open to change. Advances in the internet and technology are continually disrupting industries and changing the way businesses interact with their clients or customers (remember the rise of digital advertising?). The sales process today is very customer-focused because a prospective client can do so much research on their own. It’s important to keep an open mind to advancements, be willing to test new ideas, and always continue learning. 


2) What’s your favorite work task? What’s your most challenging work task? 

I really enjoy initial calls and meetings because I get to learn about many different businesses and industries. It’s fun to hear people talk about their passions, whether it’s financial apps, digital art frames or virtual reality certificate programs. It’s amazing what other people are into! 

My most challenging work task? The sales process involves a lot of people, with different ideas of how it should go. So the hardest aspect is being aware of and aligning the expectations and interests of all the people involved in the sales process.


3) What’s your favorite Perfect Search memory?

We do lots of fun things together as a team, so there are plenty of memories to choose from, even in my six months here so far. One of my favorite events was going to Second City, Chicago’s famed improv show. The whole time I was wondering if I’d see anyone in the cast on SNL eventually. And we all laughed a lot. It’s always nice to get away from the office and just have fun together as a team.

Also, we celebrate everyone’s birthday here at Perfect Search. During the summer we have cake (or cookies or an ice cream sundae bar) in the office almost every week–it’s very festive.



4) How would you describe your job to someone from the Wild West?

I help businesses grow and become more profitable through advertising. For example, if you have a business selling cattle, I can help you find customers who want to buy cattle. What would you say if every time someone was looking for cattle they saw an advertisement for your ranch, along with your information so they could contact you? Un-herd of, right? That’s advertising for you. I’ll explain the digital part later.


5) Imagine there’s going to be a dramatic memoir loosely based on your life. What’s the title? Any major plot points you want to spoil for us?

Outlived. It’s the true story of a woman whose childhood pet turns out to be more than an ordinary bird. Major plot points: An unsuspecting. animal-obsessed nine-year-old girl buys a pet cockatiel for $45 (she saved up the money herself). As a child, she doesn’t think much of him outliving other pets.

As she grows up, she’s surprised he’s still around, and eventually, she gets outlived by the same bird (I guess he’s immortal?).


How could you implement Rachel’s tips in your day-to-day? Can you guess that her memoir is inspired by IRL events? Tweet us at @Perfect_Search.

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