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Alyssa Mattero
January 7, 2014


What  kind of lawyers do people in Chicago search for the most?

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A simple Keyword Research Study.



This study began with keyword research of 3 common search terms, “Chicago Lawyer,” “Chicago Law firm,” and “Chicago Attorney.” Why these three terms? Because they are the most broad, relevant keywords with the highest search volume for this industry and location.

We identified each different ‘type’ of lawyer searched for within the research for all three keyword phrases.

Within the keyword research, it’s inevitable that duplicate keywords will show up in different word order. People search can search for the same thing a million different ways. For that reason, we only took into consideration the keyword phrase with the most search volume. For example, the keyword research for ‘Chicago Lawyer,’ generated the keywords ‘Chicago personal injury lawyer’ and ‘personal injury lawyer Chicago.’ Instead of counting all the keywords that included ‘personal injury’ we took the keyword containing ‘personal injury’ with the highest search volume to keep things simple.

We included keywords that fell under that the same type of lawyer but included different words. For example, ‘dog bite attorney’ may fall under a personal injury attorney’s services, however this person is searching for something specific and could be looking for a law firm that specializes in dog bite cases specifically, therefore we decided to include this search as a different ‘type’ of lawyer.

To determine the interest in a given type of lawyer, we added the search volume of each type across the three keyword’s research data.


Here’s the list for Chicago’s most sought after legal services


1. Personal Injury Lawyers
2. Bankruptcy Lawyers
3. DUI Lawyers
4. Immigration Lawyers
5. Criminal Lawyers
6. Divorce Lawyers
7. Real Estate Lawyers
8 Medical Malpractice Lawyers
9. Car Accident Lawyers
10. Worker’s Compensation Lawyers
11. Wrongful Death Lawyers
12. Employment Lawyers
13. Tax Lawyers
14. Family Lawyers
15. Birth Injury Lawyers
16. Social Security Lawyers
17. Patent Lawyers
18. Foreclosure Lawyers
19. Child Support Lawyers
20. Civil Rights Lawyers
21. Traffic Lawyers
22. DWI Lawyers
23. Mesothelioma Lawyers



More people in Chicago are searching for birth injury lawyers than traffic lawyers.


More people are searching for wrongful death lawyers than employment lawyers.


Do you find these results surprising?


Let us know what you think!




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