Why You Need to Ace Digital Marketing for Higher Education [Infographic]

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Do you remember how you found a college or an education program? Chances are, you didn’t use your phone in the process. That’s not how education works anymore.

Spoiler alert: The education decision journey has gone digital. That’s why we crafted a handy infographic that explains how prospective students are looking for higher education organizations and what you can do about it.

First things first, study our infographic to find out why your educational institution needs to ace digital marketing for education. Then add our two-part series on getting the highest marketing return for higher education and finishing strong in the education funnel to your reading list. 

No need to squint. Click to enlarge the infographic below. 




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Psst. Lovin’ the infographic design? Us, too. It’s all props to our Senior Designer Anna. Check out her work (and her wisdom!) here. 

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