3 Reasons Your Non-Profit Should Consider Google Ads

Paige Dickey
December 3, 2019

In the increasingly crowded landscape of digital advertising, getting your company’s foot in the door can feel intimidating.  And when it comes to organizations like nonprofits, this challenge might seem more daunting due to the costs associated with digital advertising and channel complexity.

Getting your non-profit’s name in the digital ad arena is not as challenging as you might think—in fact, doing so could be extraordinarily rewarding for your organization’s needs. One of the most popular channels for digital advertising, Google Ads, makes paid search marketing for non-profits affordable (or free!), easy, and effective.

Not convinced yet? Here are three reasons why your non-profit should consider using Google Ads as well as the benefits that could come along with this choice:

1. Free ad spend funds

Your company can receive $10,000/month in FREE Ad Spend. There is no catch, just a few requirements. Your organization must be registered as a 501c(3) and have a live website to qualify for Google Ads grants.

You can apply for the Grants through a simple process by signing up for a Google Ads Grants account. When running the search ads with the grant funds there are some policies to follow, which are listed here.

2. Variety of options for campaign focus

You can target searchers based on a wide variety of search inquiries. The benefits of Search Engine Marketing go beyond fostering donations. Hundreds of thousands of searches for volunteer opportunities take place on Google, yearly.  Being at the top of the list of places looking for volunteers on the results page can help boost your recruitment efforts.

Other areas within non-profits that could benefit from search ads include events, partnership opportunities, public education, services offered, location finding, and contact information.

3. Detailed targeting to the right audiences

Using Google Ads allows for detailed targeting to reach the right people, at the right time and place. Most nonprofit organizations focus on a specific topic, such as animal welfare, medical research, environmental conservation, etc. Being able to reach individuals who have an affinity to your cause or are actively searching for things that are related is made easy with Google Ads audience targeting.

With Google audience targeting, you can target people in a specific geographic region—which may be especially helpful for nonprofits that are only found locally. These targeting methods only scratch the surface of possibilities for your nonprofit. Luckily, with some thoughtful planning, you can continue to define the digital marketing strategies that will work best for your non-profit.

While Google Ads shouldn’t be your only channel for digital marketing as a nonprofit, it is absolutely a channel worth using.  Between the grants available to you and the benefits of putting in the effort to target searchers to bring to your organization, Google Ads is a great option to boost your organization’s visibility. 

Don’t let having thousands of SKUs get the best of you. Learn more about how to make this task easier with this post about Google’s Product Taxonomy & Categorization. 

Need help with Google Ads but not sure where to begin? Not a problem. Contact us, we’re the experts.

Paige Dickey
Senior Analyst, Search & Social Advertising

Paige Dickey is originally from Valparaiso, Indiana and attended Indiana University. Now that she’s a Chicago resident, she loves visiting the parks and aquariums. Her dream food feast would include macaroni and cheese, gummy bears, and mint Oreo ice cream.

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