3 Ways to Diversify Your AdWords Account (And Improve Your Efficiency!)

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Justice Pettigrew
January 25, 2017

Trying to improve your AdWords performance but you’re out of ideas or not sure where to start? Whether you have an internal PPC team or an agency working on your paid search account, you should check to see if there are new ways to structure it. Diversifying your accounts helps your business spend less on ads but receive more clicks.



Let’s face it. The sheer amount of data you get from AdWords each day can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t check up on it daily.

AdWords offers the flexibility to tailor your account just for your company’s needs. While that’s something to love about it, this flexibility also means you can often get lost in the data.

That’s where campaign diversification comes in. When you diversify a campaign, your PPC team can make more granular optimizations to the account. This typically leads to greater efficiency.

Here are three ways your business can benefit from a diversified AdWords campaign.


1) Locations

Breaking out campaigns by different locations is a strategy that has helped a lot of my accounts.

Here’s what it could look like. If you’re a company that sells pet supplies online and in multiple store locations, you shouldn’t have one campaign for all of your brick-and-mortar locations.

Instead, having a campaign for each location is the way to go. This way, your PPC team can control your daily budget, device bid adjustments, ad schedule adjustments, bid strategy, and more for each location.

Some locations are more efficient at driving sales and leads for your business. By splitting out your keywords into different locations, you can make different bids to these keywords and to your campaign based on its performance at a specific location. From ad schedule adjustments to keyword bids, you want to make sure any adjustments to the campaign are efficient across all locations.

Plus, you’ll be able to target your ad copy directly to people searching for a pet supply store in Chicago (or Austin or Omaha!). This will make your ad messaging more enticing to those people and could boost in-store visits or phone calls.  


2) Users

When you’re dealing with a number of conversions, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that there are real people clicking your ads.

Understanding what type of user interacts with your ads and your website can help you be more informed when making optimizations to your account. That’s where diversification comes in handy.

By using remarketing list search ads (RLSA), you can add bid adjustments to those who have already been to your website before. These remarketing lists can come from tags you place on your site or through an email list you provide. You can even target your ads to people who have already made a purchase on your site and those who haven’t.

Breaking out your campaigns (or ad groups!) based on remarketing can help you cater your messaging to people who have already seen your website but may not have converted.


3) Products & services

Lastly, splitting out your campaigns by the types of products and services you offer is one of the most straightforward ways to diversify out your campaigns.

You can split them out based on an individual service you provide. For example, if you’re a plumbing company you can have one campaign for broken pipes and another for winterization services. You can also split them out based on your primary (or most expensive, highest profit margin, etc.) service. The possibilities are endless! 

This allows you to target more specific keywords, write more specific ad copy, and make these campaigns more efficient overall. 



When restructuring your campaigns, you ultimately want to ask yourself what ads and keywords need their own budget and would benefit from being optimized separately. 

Your business could try diversifying ad campaigns by locations, users, and products/services—but there’s more out there too. By diversifying campaigns, you get more control over your data and the adjustments your team makes. In turn, your campaigns become more efficient. This means you spend less money for more purchases, phone calls, signups, and beyond. Who doesn’t want that?


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