5 Ways to Spice Up Your Business’ Facebook Ad Copy

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Drew Gorenz
January 31, 2018

Don’t let writer’s block get the best of you. Want to keep your Facebook ad copy fresh and engaging? Try something new. These 5 unconventional tips might just increase your CTR, conversions, and get your business some sweet, sweet likes.


1) Emojis

Try using emojis to make your ad copy stick out and pull users in. If it makes sense for your business, emojis can better showcase a brand’s personality. They can also help call out certain text in your ad if you want to highlight a promo, a deal, or something special.

It’s worth a test to see if including emojis increases your ad CTR. Make sure to check out emojipedia to find the right emojis that work for your ads. P.S.: Emojis also make the occasional appearance in the SERP.




2) Holidays

Everyone’s looking for a reason to celebrate. Capitalize on the big holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving by refreshing your ad copy to reflect the sentiments of the current holiday season.

This makes your ads appear more relevant and stand out from other generic ads. Don’t forget to keep a close watch on the less popular but equally valid national holidays by taking a look at this calendar each month. Maybe National Spaghetti Day makes sense for your business, too. 



3) Puns

Yes, puns. Hear me out. While this may not make sense for all brands, it could be a creative tactic to test. Cleverly serving up some quality wordplay can help accumulate social engagement.

Don’t be afraid to capitalize your jokes to make absolutely sure your audience gets it.



4) Use a statistic

Engage your audience with a clear statistic to make sure your business stands apart from its competition. Including specific metrics on the quality of your products can have a strong impact on conversion rate.



5) Ask a question

Get the momentum going on your ads by having your audience say yes to your ad copy within the first sentence. Starting out with a yes can lead to greater engagement between your company and a user, and it can help improve your conversion rate.

Plus, posing the right question can also help filter your audience to make sure you’re only paying for relevant clicks to your website.



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Drew Gorenz
Senior Analyst, Search & Social Advertising

Drew Gorenz is a Northwestern University graduate who loves any Northwestern-related sport. He wishes he could do a spontaneous spit take. Drew’s favorite drinks are absinthe or water. One day he might be able to do a spit take with absinthe.

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