Anna Allingham

Senior Designer

  • Dream Vehicle: F/A-18 Hornet (Blue Angels plane)
  • Era She Would Want to Live In: 1920’s for the clothes, speakeasies, and jazz music
  • Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting spiked in the face during a volleyball demonstration
  • Top of her Bucket List: Hot air balloon ride

3 Web Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Full disclosure: I’m still not really sure how muses are supposed to work. I know they’re important–after all, Homer talked about them a lot in The Odyssey. Whenever I’m feeling stuck on a design project, I turn to these three web design blogs instead of waiting around for …

Guide to Web Design, Part 2: Color Resources

For Guide to Web Design, Part 1, go here.

Guide to Web Design, Part 1: How to Choose Stock Images

For our Guide to Web Design, Part 2: Color Resources, click here.

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