Four Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ads in 2019

Drew Gorenz
February 26, 2019

With total U.S. digital ad spend overtaking television for the first time in 2017 and social media ad spend accounting for 25% of all digital advertising, it’s important to make sure your ad spend on Facebook and Instagram is being used to its full potential.

In order to spread the wealth, I’ve put together four tips to make sure you level up your social media advertising.


1) Advertise the same post among all audiences to increase social proof

It’s incredibly important to show social proof in order to attract more customers. If people see others enjoying and engaging with your business on Facebook, they’ll take that as evidence of the quality of your business and become more likely to engage with it as well.

One of the most important steps to ensure your ads have a good amount of social engagement (in likes, shares, and comments) is to make sure you use the same ad post between all audiences. If you create a new ad for every single remarketing and new user audience, you’re going to miss out on a lot of engagement and purchases by segregating them to individual ads.

If you use the same one ad post for each separate audience, then the likes, shares, and comments from users in all these audiences will accumulate onto one beautiful ad. One more pro tip: If you create an ad without any seasonal elements or infrequent promotion ad copy, you’ll be able to really rack up the social engagement by recycling the ad again and again throughout the year. We’ve seen ads’ social engagement grow 5x in a matter of days by using the same ad post between audiences.


2) Always focus on showcasing products when targeting new users

When you’re looking to expand your base audience of consumers and find new customers, it’s important to reach out with an ad that really showcases your products.

It’s a fair assumption that a new user has no idea what your company has to offer. While showcasing a 50% off all products promotion might sound really tempting to you, it might not be that enticing to the user who doesn’t have a specific product in mind that they want.

That’s why it’s important to show actual product images in your ads when you’re advertising to new people so they learn something specific about what your company has to offer and understand the importance of any sale you’re running.


3) Utilize strikeout pricing

Another important feature to use in Facebook advertising is the new Strikeout Pricing option in dynamic product ads. You can quickly grab a user’s attention with a bold red crossed-off price when you want to emphasize a hot new deal.

Further, you can show a user an initial higher price before showing them the hot new lower price you’re now advertising. This emphasizes the great deal they’re getting by buying your product now. This may also save users time in researching competitor prices to get a base idea of average prices. The less time users spend researching competitors, the higher the likelihood they will purchase from you.


AC Moore Facebook Ad


4) When you’re all out of ad design ideas, illustrate!

Stock photos can be convenient if you don’t have the resources to create your own image assets for advertising. However, they may easily blend into the background and fail to capture users’ attention while they’re scrolling through their feed.

A more creative way to one-up your ad design is to illustrate your own ad design using stock photos for inspiration. You can see how the illustrated design below is far more likely to capture a user’s attention than the stock photo on the left that could be advertising anything.


Nerd Fitness Ad
Nerd Fitness Ad


Plus, you’re now able to customize an ad’s elements and colors to draw a user’s attention to certain parts of the ad. Through customizing your ad, you’ll be able to highlight the brand’s logo to heighten brand awareness and call more attention to a person using your product.


Don’t let your ads go stale. Try these tips to amp up your Facebook ads this year!

Drew Gorenz
Senior Analyst, Search & Social Advertising

Drew Gorenz is a Northwestern University graduate who loves any Northwestern-related sport. He wishes he could do a spontaneous spit take. Drew’s favorite drinks are absinthe or water. One day he might be able to do a spit take with absinthe.

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