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Erics Snapchat Advertising Post
Eric Yarnik
March 8, 2018

There are a number of social media channels to advertise on, and Snapchat is making a concerted effort to be one of the top options in this crowded field.

If you thought Snapchat advertising isn’t right for your business, think again. A few years ago, businesses had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom campaigns. Now, the platform has a self-service Snap Ads Manager that allows businesses with any budget sizes to make ads for Snapchat users around the world to see.

Wondering if your business should check out Snapchat ads? Read on.


What’s the Snapchat audience like?

Snapchat has an average of 187 million people using the app daily, with over 80 million users in North America alone.

40% of Snapchatters are not on other social media platforms on a given day—like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, YouTube, and Twitter—which suggests that Snapchat is an untapped audience for social media advertisers. These users are also highly engaged, visiting the app 25 times per day on average.

A key differentiator between Snapchat and other platforms is the age demographic. 57% of Snapchat users are under the age of 24, including a large chunk in the 13-17 age demo, which skews younger than every other social media channel.


What features does Snapchat advertising include?

Snapchat has many features that are familiar to social media advertisers, starting with their Snap Ad Manager. Campaign creation is easy and straightforward for new advertisers.



Start by choosing the campaign objective and set your daily budget cap, with a minimum of $50 per day. Within ad sets, you can choose which placements your ad will be delivered, specify which content types to include or exclude, which Publisher Stories to include or exclude, or if you only want your ad shown between User Stories.

Goal-based bidding options are at the ad set level and advertisers choose to pay per “Swipe Up” (essentially a “click,” which results in traffic to a website) or Impression.


What makes Snapchat ads different?

Despite the similarities in the interface, the ad creative on Snapchat is what makes it stand out from its less interactive peers. Snap Publisher is a tool within the Snap Ad Manager interface that allows advertisers to import photos and videos, crop and/or animate the Snap Ad, add copy, and upload to Ads Manager.



Snap ads are full-screen canvases that can be a static image or a short video. Best practices include utilizing sound within ads, since sound aligns with a lot of the organic user content on the platform, and including a single strong call-to-action.


Snapchat ads are great for businesses targeting younger audiences. If you’re considering advertising on Snapchat, reach out to our team. We’re happy to help. 

Eric Yarnik
Director, Search & Social Advertising

Eric Yarnik is a Northwestern University Alum who considers writing the Perfect Search Ping Pong Power Rankings Column to be one of his favorite tasks at work. If he had to pick one fictional character to be friends with, it’d have to be the one who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

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