Perfect Search Media Internviews: 2020 Winter

Internviews Avery Victoria

We’re wishing the warmest welcome to our two fantastic and brilliant Digital Marketing & Data Analysis interns, Victoria Lee and Avery Maxwell! 

Where are you from? What’s your favorite place to visit when you’re home?

Victoria: I haven’t been home for over a year as I’m writing this—so this is making me feel a bit sentimental! I’m from Taiwan. It’s a beautiful island with amazing culture and food. 

I cannot rank the places in my home city, Taipei, but there are several places that I visit as a ritual after the 15-hour flight from Chicago. I always stop by a breakfast eatery and order rice milk, radish cake, and a Taiwanese pancake filled with cheese and pork floss

Once I have my breakfast food cravings solved, I would go to a traditional farmers market to get some local produce. With a humid tropical climate friendly to mangos and pineapples, Taiwan has the sweetest mangos and pineapples I have ever tasted. Along my way home, I’d get Taro Cake Rolls and Yolk Pastries from Quantong, a local bakery.

After a good rest, I need to restock my magazines and books from a chained bookstore, Eslite. Shilin night market is adjacent to the bookstore. There, I get Scallion pancake with egg, soy sauce, and basil plus Black Sugar Boba Milk and enjoy them along with my new readings when I get home.

Avery: I hail from DeKalb, a mid-sized suburb of Chicago. The town hosts a state university, so with students included, the population sits around 50,000. Yet still, DeKalb is considered a small town when compared to other towns that house state universities. 

If I am being frank, the town lacks fun and exciting activities but one place I almost always visit when I’m home is a Thai restaurant appropriately named, Thai Pavilion. I have yet to discover a better-tasting Thai food restaurant so the one in DeKalb is always a must.


If you could live in any historical era, which would you pick? What would an ideal day in your life be like?

Victoria: Paris in the 1950s would be my choice. With a nice breeze in early summer, I would visit one of the local bakeries for some fresh croissants and baguettes. The next stop would be a cheese shop to get Morbier, one of my favorite cheeses, for dinner. After enjoying breakfast on the patio with the view of the Eiffel Tower, I’ll go for a walk and visit boutiques including Chanel and Givenchy. I’ll take a nice long nap before I prepare for dinner– wine, cheese, baguette, prosciutto followed by pasta!

Avery: I feel the necessity to cross off many eras simply due to the high chances of dying from sickness and lack of medicine (morbid, I know), despite my fascination with the culture of those eras. That being said, if the high mortality was not a factor, I would love to have lived during the renaissance era. I can almost imagine it as the digital age is now. An artistic and technological revolution full of amazing ideas and figures. I can only imagine bumping into Leonardo da Vinci while walking down the street and conversing with him over his paintings and scientific discoveries.


Pretend you’re able to throw the biggest party of all time and there’s no budget. Where’s the venue? Who are you inviting? What’s on the menu? Who is performing? Describe your party outfit.

Victoria: I would only invite my intimate friends to the party; I’m not a huge fan of crowded events! We will get the best everything— a presidential suite in a 5-star hotel in Hollywood. I’ll be wearing a beige suit with loafers (style and comfort coexist)! Unlimited wine, cheese, and truffle fries will be served throughout the night. The party will start off with some chill beats by Phum Viphurit, and soon as people get enough drinks, I’ll get Illenium and Post Malone to take over. 

Avery: I’d choose to hold the event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The halls and galleries would be filled with the top artists and designers of this modern age. Examples being Bryant Giles, Virgil Abloh, and Banksy to name a few. The guest list includes anyone that promises to be kind and respectable. Essentially, no “haters”. 

The menu might feature hors d’oeuvres like short ribs, scallops, and sushi. In addition to a visual artist, each of the various galleries will include a musical artist. Big names including Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, Kanye West, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc. My party outfit would include paint-splattered jeans, Nike Air Mags, and a patterned shirt that looks like it could be a piece of art itself.


What’s been your favorite internship task so far? What’s something you’re excited to learn more about within digital marketing?

Victoria: I think it is interesting to explore the capabilities of Google Ads. I can’t stop thinking about how much effort Google Engineers are putting behind the interface. Now, I view Google’s Search Engine with a totally new perspective. I am looking forward to combining my previous experiences in branding and strategic planning with paid search & social advertising! 

Avery: My favorite task thus far has been analyzing campaigns in Google Ads. Through this task, I’ve gained better insight into what was working and what needed improvement. I am looking forward to analyzing the behavior of specific audiences and tailoring digital advertisements to fit their needs and criteria.

I imagine the process is putting yourself in the mind of the consumer and thinking critically about how they might act or respond. Psychology, which is a field that interests me, also plays a role in this process.


What are you looking forward to this summer?

Victoria: Going back home and enjoying food from my hometown!

Avery: I am absolutely looking forward to warm weather. 


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