Perfect Search Media Internviews: August 2016

Djs Internview Post

Good news. Summer isn’t over yet—because you still haven’t read our August Internview! Meet Junior Copywriter DJ Oh. He loves music festivals, turkey legs, and don’t even get him started on Pulp Fiction.

Get to know him and what surprises him about SEO copywriting now.


1) Where are you from? Describe one of your favorite places to visit when you’re home.

I’m from a little Korean city called Ilsan in the suburbs of Seoul. My favorite place to visit back home is Hosu Park, which directly translates to Lake Park. It’s a beautiful park that surrounds an enormous artificial lake (hence its unoriginal name). It’s absolutely gorgeous there in the summer, filled with people out on a picnic among the lush greens and dancing fountains. There’s nothing better than good company, a six-pack of beer and some good old soju to cool down the summer heat by the lake.


2) What are the most important things you’ve learned about content so far?

Keyword research is SO important when it comes to copywriting for SEO content. When I finally understood how Google algorithms work when ranking web pages for SERPs, it became clear to me how essential well-researched keywords are.

Without optimizing your content by integrating relevant long-tail keywords, the content you worked so hard to write will essentially be invisible in the SERP. But then you also have to be careful not to overstuff your content with random keywords. To me, SEO copywriting is the perfect balance between good writing and hard analytics.


3) What are the most surprising things you’ve discovered about digital marketing, SEO, and/or content?

What surprised me the most was how a significant portion of the SEO marketing industry is basically built on the backbones of Google. Before, Google to me was simply a convenient search engine — nothing more, nothing less. And boy, was I wrong. It was quite exhilarating to discover how powerful tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords have changed the landscape of digital marketing and revolutionized the entire field of search engine optimization.


4) Imagine you can write, design, and produce your own game show. Unlimited budget and all. What would it be? Pitch it to us.

American Idol. Eurovision. The Voice. Numerous TV shows have showcased extremely talented singers competing for the first place in front of ruthless judges. 

But that’s all about to change with “The Voice(less)” — America’s first ever lip syncing TV show. (Let’s live in an alternate universe where “Lip Sync Battle” isn’t a thing.) 

In the nail-biting season premier, 10 contestants will lip sync to iconic songs in front of professional musicians to become the nation’s best pretend singers. From one-on-one battles to team missions, strap in for the network TV competition of the century on “The Voice(less).” 

Keep your eyes locked on the faking lips, exaggerated hand gestures and overly sincere facial expressions. Who’s going to fool the world and rise to the top of lip synching fame? 

There’s only one way to find out.


5) If you could go on a camping trip with any three famous (dead, alive, fictional, real) people, who would you pick? What kind of campers would they be?

This is super easy — I would take Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta.  The entirety of our camping trip would be dedicated to reenacting scenes from Pulp Fiction, the greatest movie of all time. I would probably annoy the heck out of Samuel L. Jackson by asking him to do the bible verse monologue over and over and over again. I just hope Quentin won’t be as violent in real life as his movies are.


Want to get the inside scoop on DJ’s insights? Check out his list of the Google algorithms that will make or break your site rank and his favorite timely social media marketing campaigns.

What would your lip sync jam be? Want to do a duet? Let’s sync up. Tweet us at @Perfect_Search

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