Team Member Spotlight: David Feldbaum

Davids Spotlight Post

Eager to learn more about a day in the life of a Perfect Search SEO & Search Advertising Analyst? You’re in luck. This month, we’re talking to David Feldbaum, Perfect Search’s very own expert in flexibility. He’s both literally flexible (aren’t you in awe of the totally-real-and-definitely-not-Photoshopped image above?) and masters both SEO & PPC knowledge. Read on to discover his digital marketing advice, how he stays up-to-date on the industry, and what talent he wishes he could master.


1) What’s your favorite part of your job? What’s the most challenging part of your job?

I love speaking to customers through marketing. Media by definition is the dissemination of information through a messaging channel. With my job, I get to step into the shoes of my clients and give them a digital voice. I get to communicate with mass audiences every day and in various industries. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. 

The most challenging part of my job is digesting what I learn from a constantly (and exponentially!) growing industry. There’s so much to learn, but only so many work hours in a day.


2) Give us one piece of SEO advice. Now, one piece of PPC advice. 

One piece of SEO advice: For title tags and content, target SEO keywords that you can realistically go up in rankings for! It is way too easy to be blinded by a prospective keyword’s search volume. I’d argue that it’s way more important to target keywords with lower comparable search results or website listings. A balanced combination of low search results and high search volume is optimal for keyword planning. 

One piece of PPC advice: Keep ad text short, concise, and action-oriented. We live in an information age where consumers become “exhausted” by advertisements pretty quickly. It’s important to deliver impactful messaging, but it’s equally as important not to exhaust or discourage your target consumer.


3) How do you further your digital marketing knowledge?

I further my digital marketing acumen by learning from professional SEO and PPC websites, communicating with my coworkers, and experimenting with practical, on-the-job marketing strategies. 

Some of my favorite digital marketing sites are Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, the Moz blog, and PPC Hero.


4) What are your top 3 Perfect Search memories?

  1. Getting hired full-time following my internship program.
  2. Earning my first Google AdWords conversion for a client.
  3. Playing on our work kickball team.


5) Do you have any super-secret talents (that you don’t mind sharing with the world)? If you could have any talent, what would it be and why?

I’m scary flexible and can hold my breath for longer than a minute. I wish I had a beautiful singing voice. Plenty of my coworkers can attest to my…well…not so beautiful singing voice. Sorry, guys!


Want more words of wisdom from David? Check out his recommendations on boosting e-commerce title tag effectiveness and how to optimize your YouTube account. 

How long can you hold your breath for? Do you have any tips for staying on top of digital marketing news? Let us know by tweeting at us @Perfect_Search. 


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