David Feldbaum

Analyst, Search & Social

  • Favorite Hobby: Playing with his dog
  • Pet He Wishes He Had: Dolphin
  • Ultimate Superpower: Ability to fly
  • Movie He Wishes He Could Be In: Any movie with Mila Kunis

3 Schema Strategies to Boost Your Local SEO

They say SEO is dead, huh? While there may be somewhat less control over organic rankings these days, SEO is still effective for local businesses. Today, we’ll discuss one of the lesser utilized forms of SEO – local business schema.

Increase Conversions Without Increasing Spend (Without Magic)

You finally created a beautiful new website for your business with all the bells and whistles. Plus, your new site looks stunning on desktop and mobile formats alike. But there’s one problem.

How to Set Up 4 Awesome Advanced Google Analytics Segments

Hello, stat junkies! Word on the street is that you relish the opportunity to view your website’s traffic in new and exciting ways. Me too. That’s why I love taking advantage of advanced Google Analytics segments.

3 Ways to Boost eCommerce Title Tag Effectiveness

There are a few things SEO analysts do every single day: eat breakfast, read up on SEO news, and evaluate title tags. Title tags are a little more complicated than picking what kind of cereal to eat for breakfast. From virtual insurance marketplaces to local plumbing services, …

5 YouTube Optimizations You Need to Explore

Are your YouTube views at the same number since you last checked? Are your views stuck in the same range as always? This is a frustrating situation for many. Let’s be honest here: we’re not all celebrities. We’re not all giant brands with the ability to quickly influence mass audiences through …

Emerging Advertising Platforms: Instagram and Snapchat

The explosion in social media usage on a global scale has paved the way for many purposeful and interesting advertising interfaces. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn already have established paid advertising interfaces that many small and large companies readily incorporate into …

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