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Drew Gorenz went from PSM intern to Analyst of Search and Social Strategy. Now we’re asking the hard questions – like his dream client to work for and the name of his theoretical burrito business.


1) What’s your favorite part of your job? What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my experience working at Perfect Search is knowing the large impact I have working in a 13-person sized company.  Showing up at work every day feels important because I know my presence will have a direct impact on the company culture, the quality and success of the work we do here, and our future path going forwards. 

Further, even though this company has some of the coolest and funniest traditions – that I will always wish I had thought of first – I can’t help but feel like there’s so much potential for any one person to contribute and leave their mark in creating new traditions and company experiences moving forward. I’m thankful and appreciative of the energy and openness of the people working here to give any new idea their full attention and support during work hours and after-hours.­­

The most challenging part of my job can be the responsibility that comes with managing my own clients’ projects, communications, and marketing success – but the rewards of learning and personal fulfillment that come with these challenges vastly outweigh the cons.


2) If you could craft a paid search & social strategy for any business, what would it be? What’s one strategy you would test? 

I would choose to create paid ads for Chili’s, my favorite Tex-Mex and margarita establishment.

And I would work on creating a strong non-branded targeting strategy for the business targeting google queries for “margaritas” and “happy hour bars near me” with strong location targeting set nearby their restaurant locations to target people looking for some of the best margarita deals concerning volume, flavor, and price.


3) What’s one lesson you’d go back and tell your intern self?

Really explore the accounts with the extra time you have. You have more skills and time than you think to really come up with some significant insights and contribute a significant impact on the marketing success of our clients.


4) What are your top 3 Perfect Search memories?

-Eating lunch with Ajay and hearing his life philosophies on everything from business to exercising.

-Cuatro de Mayo.

-Team beer boots at Prost! Post kickball victories.


5) You’ve mentioned that your favorite food is burritos (#tbt to the internviews). If you could start a burrito business, what would it be? What’s the name?

Booritos – a year-round Halloween themed burrito restaurant where you can choose to get a trick or a treat at the end of your purchase. The treats would be some small dessert item or candy that comes with your purchase. Every October we would up the stakes with mini churros or sopapillas or small slices of tres leches cakes. The tricks need to be thought out more but some of my initial ideas are to: 

  • Pair up with a dental practice and give away free toothbrushes
  • Ask the customer to wash their hands before giving them their food
  • Give a used candy wrapper with no candy in it
  • Serve a dessert with no sugar in it
  • Have some animatronic skeleton pop out – or employee in a costume


Now that you know all about Drew his favorite PSM memories, check out his blog post on competing with yourself on Google (and how not to do that).

If you could work for any client, who would it be? Chili’s? Tweet us @Perfect_Search.

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