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Have you ever wondered how you’d explain your job to your great-great-great grandparents? If you’re a Senior Manager of Search and Social Advertising like, say, the Perfect Search Senior Manager of Search and Social Advertising Eric, you might have a tough time. Find out how he described his job, how he’d plan the bash of the century, and what he’s learning about in PPC right now in his team member spotlight.


1) What’s your favorite work task? What’s your most challenging task?

My favorite task would have to be setting up Perfect Search fantasy leagues as the official-unofficial fantasy sports commissioner. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, weekly standings updates and trash talk threads. My most challenging task is continuing to improve my teaching and instructing skills for new hires and our internship program.


2) How would you explain your job to someone who lived in the 18th century?*

Hear ye, hear ye! Good day to you, sir or madam. Forego that dreadful jaunt to the market and instead get all the products you need delivered to you without leaving your abode. Just read your newspaper and see ads that are specifically for what you want or need (or don’t yet know you want or need them)!

These ads will be displayed just for you, and then you will be able to receive goods and services through these ads tailored to you. As a digital marketer, my job is to ensure the ads being shown are relevant to you and for you to use the service in order to get more customers for the business.

*Historical accuracy not guaranteed


3) Do you remember the first lesson about PPC that really stuck with you? Conversely, what’s the most recent thing you’ve learned about PPC that’s impacted how you work?

While learning each metric I remember trying to wrap my head around not only what each metric meant but how each change in a metric was related and how they affected each other. It’s very important to understand how a change to one metric has a ripple effect and impacts account performance. (Check out my effect/affect!)

The most recent PPC thing I’ve learned that has impacted my day-to-day has been utilizing a new AdWords beta that allows us to track Store visits based on users who click on ads and then go to the store. This allows for further optimizations and more value added for clients.


4) What are your top 3 Perfect Search memories?

1) We had a PSM kickball league that was an interesting experiment and a true underdog story. We were not very gifted athletically but we made up for it in hard work and coworker bonding. The celebration after our first (and only) win was well-deserved.

2) I went to New York City last summer to finally meet my clients that are based there. We had 3 great meetings with them, and the relationships benefited greatly from the face-to-face interactions since we usually only talk via conference line. Plus our clients gave us great local recommendations and it was fun to explore NYC in the summer.

3) There have been so many great random times in the office. Recently, the magician Chris Jones stopped by to wow us with some illusions. He was so friendly and down-to-earth. It was very impressive and a lot of fun. He did some card tricks and I even ‘floated’ above a chair.



5) Let’s say you’re planning the most earth-shattering party the world has ever seen. Who’s on the guest list? What’s the venue? What’s on the menu? Any entertainment lined up?

Oh, I would go all out. The guest list? Full of VIPs, including my girl Rihanna, my good friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, my old friend President Obama, and my favorite athletes including Anthony Davis and Yadier Molina, and many, many more. It would be held at McCormick convention center with my favorite food from Chicago (shout out to Pequod’s and Au Cheval). Expect impromptu live performances from Rihanna and the hologram of Freddie Mercury.


So do you think people from the 1700s would be caught up on PPC now? How would you plan your own perfect party? Tweet us at @Perfect_Search.

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