Team Member Spotlight: Quinn Dolan

Quinns Spotlight

In our office, there’s only one person who’d come into work after getting back from a business trip in New York. It’s time to get to know Quinn Dolan, Analyst of Search & Social.


1) What’s your favorite work task? What’s your most challenging work task?

My favorite work task would have to be setting up Facebook campaigns. Power Editor can be a pain in the keister sometimes (read: most of the time), but creating FB ads and ad sets really gets my creative juices flowin’. Not only does Facebook offer so many targeting options, but you also have a lot more room for copy.

My most challenging work task is building out and optimizing accounts in industries that I know nothing about. Getting acquainted with industry trends and jargon can be difficult at first. Nevertheless, it’s part of the job and I’ve learned a lot from it. Not to mention, my extensive knowledge of DuPont™ Kalrez® Spectrum™ 6375 o-ring gaskets makes for great small talk.


2) Have you ever applied your SEO/PPC knowledge to your everyday life?

I’m not so sure if I’ve ever directly applied my SEO/PPC knowledge outside of work, however, like so many of us, I’m constantly bombarded by ads on Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere else on the web. Because of my digital marketing background, I frequently find myself analyzing the ads I see throughout the day and wondering what sort of targeting brought those ads to me.


3) Imagine that your hometown Oconomowoc, WI (AKA BROconomowoc, AKA The Real OC) needed digital marketing services. What would your SEO & PPC strategies look like?

As far as SEO strategies go, focusing on local events and landmarks would be key. The great city of Oconomowoc is home to lots of lakes, countless good eats, and exhilarating events year-round. Building out optimized pages for all of the things that Oconomowoc has to offer would be an effective way to boost organic traffic and maybe even entice out-of-towners to visit.

On the paid side of things, I would refuse to run any PPC campaigns, as I don’t want too many tourists visiting the Real OC and ruining her natural beauty.


4) What’s your favorite Perfect Search memory?

It’s hard to pick just one memory, but I absolutely had a blast on our recent trolley party. The weather was perfect, the beer cold, and the company top-notch. Three hours of driving through Chicago traffic never flew by so fast. Along the way, we stopped at three great bars (Fat Pour, Stanley’s, and Sheffield’s), and our journey culminated in a trolley post-party at Justin’s pad. All in all, a super solid Friday festivity.



5) Imagine you’re given the freedom to plan the ultimate Chicago bar crawl. What venues are on the list? How can people travel from bar to bar? Any famous guests going?

Considering all of the bars that Chicago has to offer, this question is a real toughie. Nonetheless, venues on the list include (but are not limited to) Beercade, Big Star, Federales, the Violet Hour, and—you guessed it—the Hangge Uppe.

Bar crawl participants would be required to travel by tandem bicycle because #gogreen. Famous guests include the Dalai Lama, Goose from Top Gun, J Biebs, and Chicago’s very own Benny the Bull—the dude knows how to party.


Now that you’ve learned about Quinn’s ultimate bar crawl, it’s time to learn his tips on acing the Google Knowledge Graph.

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