The Top 3 B2B Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

Sarah Kincius
December 22, 2021

New year, new business trends to look out for. 

If you’re a B2B digital marketing professional already making predictions about what 2022 has in store, take a beat—we’ve got next year’s top 3 trends waiting for you down below.

1. The Ongoing Rise of Digital

With approximately 70 to 80% of B2B buyers preferring remote over in-person interactions, it’s clear that digital is still on the rise. 

Keeping things strictly online benefits buyers, as it gives them the chance to research, place orders, and interact with representatives at a faster speed and at their convenience. That said, prioritizing digital strategies and self-service portals will be more important than ever in 2022. 

As far as investments go, some experts are looking to take a mobile-first approach when it comes to their marketing spend. Others are investing in more popular media like video marketing, which is projected to take 82% of all online traffic by 2022. 

No matter how you decide to position yourself, remember: digital isn’t going anywhere, so it’s best to get rolling before it’s too late. 

2. Brand and Content Personalization

In 2022, targets of B2B and B2C e-commerce will crave realness and relevance. 

Ramping up personalization efforts is key for both brands and buyers. With the former, creating a brand identity that is approachable, accessible, and authentic makes prospects more willing to trust your business. With the latter, creating content that hits every point of their journey, since 70% of B2B buyers search and survey content from vendor websites, will solidify this trust even more. 

Apart from generating relevant content and salient branding, other dimensions you’ll have to consider in 2022 are data privacy and social responsibility. B2B marketers will likely have to adapt to new targeting approaches and remain ultra-vigilant about how they communicate their core values, especially those pertaining to diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability.  

Whether you’re overhauling or simply optimizing your content, don’t forget to do so with the buyer in mind at practically every point. 

3. Embracing New(er) Technologies

2022’s new motto? Getting on board with advanced tech. 

While AI itself is nothing new, its widespread use over the next year will be. In fact, from 2018 to 2020 alone, marketers’ usage of artificial intelligence rose drastically from 29% to 84%

In the midst of impending change on the digital forefront, AI will likely be there to bridge the gap. Its unique analytic capabilities, in addition to other insights from the ever-evolving field of neuromarketing, will be able to inform new targeting approaches, steps to better personalization, and strategic buyer opportunities. 

Other technological innovations experts expect to see more of in 2022 include the live-streamed virtual and hybrid events, stark improvements in semantic search and machine learning, and more. 

The least you need to know? Next year is the future—don’t be afraid to upgrade.

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Sarah Kincius

Sarah Kincius is a Naperville resident and student at Loyola University Chicago. She loves going to the Green Mill to read whatever’s etched on the bathroom stalls (and to listen to the music, of course). Sarah is currently teaching herself Italian from a book she found in Wisconsin.

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