What’s New with Google Shopping Campaigns?

Emilys Shopping Post
Emily Lutz
May 30, 2018

Recently, Google announced the rollout of a new type of automated AdWords Shopping Campaigns. This is an exciting change for an essential platform that many e-commerce businesses rely on.


What’s the update?

This new type of Shopping campaign is called the “Goal-Optimized” Shopping campaign. Goal-optimized Shopping campaigns will combine many of the features of standard Shopping Campaigns while adding automated bidding and automated ad placement across all Google Display platforms to maximize conversion value.

Goal-optimized Shopping campaigns combine variations of text and images (similar to responsive display ads) to show ads over the Google Search Network (similar to standard Shopping ads). It’ll also display ads on the Google Display Network—by using remarketing ads and Similar Audiences—YouTube, and Gmail.

This new automated system will optimize bidding, ad design, and placements across all Google networks. Ads on the GDN can show remarketing ads to consumers based on the products that they visited on your site, as well as more general ads to visitors that did not visit a specific product page.


What should businesses do about it?

Google suggests that businesses set the same budgets as their current Shopping campaigns and remarketing and pause their current campaigns. The business can also set a minimum Target ROAS, if necessary to their goals. The automated system will try to get the maximum conversion value for the set budget.

All that’s left is to let the machine learning system optimize your Shopping feed and remarketing across all Google platforms for your e-commerce business.

Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for the algorithm to test and get adequate data. You may see the number of clicks in your campaign decrease and the cost per click increase, but that is because the machine is able to target customers with the highest intent and bid higher on them.


Any questions about this new Shopping update? Feel free to reach out to our team.  

Emily Lutz
Director of Strategy

Emily Lutz is from Kalispell, Montana and has been camping more times than she can count. She geeks out over musicals and the TV show Firefly (yes, she’s on some chat sites). Before joining Perfect Search, Emily was a zookeeper for ten years.

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