Emily Lutz

Director of Strategy

  • Favorite Summer Activity: Hiking in forest preserves
  • Superpower of Choice: The ability to fly into rarely traveled areas and photograph wildlife
  • Go-To Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate brownie
  • Favorite Movie: Rent

Components of a Successful Marketing Agency Reporting Call

Communication is the most important aspect of working with a marketing agency.

LinkedIn Ads Strategy: Effective B2B Lead Generation

Many businesses, especially those selling to other businesses, can see LinkedIn has some of the best company, job title, and industry targeting in the online space.

Economic Trends in PPC Competition and Costs per Click

How is the economy currently affecting competition and CPCs?

How to NOT Automate Your SEO & PPC with AI

Automation is on the rise, with artificial intelligence (AI) tools able to handle simple, mundane tasks that would have taken large amounts of human time in years past. Automation can save time in both search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising (PPC) if it is guided by human strategy …

Pros and Cons of Building a Digital Marketing Strategy for Brand Awareness

With CPCs rising on Google Ads for search advertising and on Meta for social media advertising, some companies are shifting their marketing strategy to focus on brand awareness.

The Top Conversion Goals for Association Marketing Leaders

Starting any new marketing leadership role is intimidating—transitioning to a new team with new faces, learning industry-specific policies, and familiarizing yourself with the overall goals of your new organization takes time and effort. And that’s only for a “traditional” marketing role.

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