Your Social Strategy Can Win With Facebook Ads: Here’s How & Why

Paige Dickey
October 2, 2021

Utilizing Facebook Ads for your business allows for far-reaching impact, creative flexibility, and so much more. Your strategy can win and crush its goals with Facebook Advertising, and here’s how:


Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs Facebook Ads. Here’s Why:


1. Targeting Options For Every Vertical

From small local businesses to large B2B corporations, utilizing online ads is essential. A difficulty that companies may find is the ability to target the right users for right products. 

Facebook Ads help businesses target the perfect audience with its plethora of audience types and variations. Users can be targeted by broad and niche interest topics, stages of life, workplace and titles, family status, education levels and interests, and even products the user is in the market for. 

Whether your business is trying to target users to buy at a local bakery or to buy enterprise-level software for a company,  Facebook’s wide mix of audiences can put your brand in front of the right faces.

Another notable feature is that targeting options are not just limited to selling products to users. Businesses can optimize their ad delivery to their audiences based on their goals, such as lead generation, brand awareness, engagement, information sharing, and more. From retailers to associations and schools to public awareness campaigns-Facebook has an audience mix for you. 


2. User Engagement Is Key (And An Integral Part of Facebook By Nature)

A great Facebook ad strategy does so much more than target users and convince them to take a specific action. Facebook Ads inherently allow for sharing, discussion, reaction, and learning.

Whether you are a new brand or an established corporation, users can engage with your offering and your brand directly on the ads they see. 

The great customizability and creativity that can be involved with your Facebook Ads helps your message resonate with your target audience. Stopping a scroller dead in their tracks to view your video on a fascinating new product or your benefits of your association leads to more than an impression.

Social media is a place for users to share their interests, connect with others, and give their opinion. Facebook Ads in almost every way act like other posts that are seen organically on a timeline. Liking, sharing, commenting, etc. is a feature that transforms your ads from messages to experiences that people remember and spread to others.


3. Options for Every Marketing Budget

Leveraging your Facebook ad strategy means you can show to thousands of users for the price of a paid search click. There are many ways to prioritize spending as well, by optimizing for a wide reach, event responses, or lead generations. 

Control over the way your ads optimize their spend is a great feature that helps your ads be successful on Facebook. A limited budget can reach a vast array of users with the “reach” campaign goal setting. Another option is to get your ads in front of the users that are the most likely to convert, making your limited budget worth a lot for each user. 

Medium and large budget sizes can benefit from these options just as much as small budgets. You have control over what sets of ads get more spend than others, which prioritizes your budget where it is needed the most.


4. Variety of placements for creative

From still single images to elaborate videos, your options for creatively showing your message is endless. There are even many tools within the platform to turn simple images into beautiful video advertisements!

Beyond the creative aspect of placement options is the reach aspect. Users spend a lot of their free time scrolling through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The array of placement options for your ads is not limited to a simple image in a feed. 

Whether your targeted users are avid Instagrammers, Facebook Story posters, or video watchers, they can be reached by your Facebook Ads. You even have the option to exclude your ads from placements that your business’s audience may not have an affinity for-no need to use ad spend on an Instagram Story for your company that sells car parts (unless that’s what your customers like!).

Together, these four reasons why your business can succeed with Facebook Ads are a winning strategy. No matter the goal, the product, or the size of your company, Facebook Ads has a way that you can find the right target audience and resonate with them at many touchpoints.

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Paige Dickey
Senior Analyst, Search & Social Advertising

Paige Dickey is originally from Valparaiso, Indiana and attended Indiana University. Now that she’s a Chicago resident, she loves visiting the parks and aquariums. Her dream food feast would include macaroni and cheese, gummy bears, and mint Oreo ice cream.

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