Seizure the Day: Embrace Your Vulnerability

We had just settled in at the office of one of our large New York clients for a day of meetings when someone asked if I remembered the room we were sitting in. I looked around, confused – the room seemed normal enough, and I couldn’t differentiate it from any of the other countless conference …

5 New Year’s Resolutions That I’m Doing—And You Can, Too!

Yes, it’s February 2017. No, it’s not dated to talk about New Year’s resolutions. After all, shouldn’t we all still be thinking about our resolutions? It might be trendy to bring them up on January 1st, but it’s valuable to discuss progress a month later.

How I Made Spending Time With Friends & Family a Top Priority

Last year, I wrote a post on my 4 Pillars of Happiness. Here’s a SparkNotes summary for you: During a reflective flight to Miami, I decided to make happiness a New Year’s’ resolution. The 4 pillars are the guiding principles that have helped me achieve and maintain this resolution. 

Team Member Spotlight: Ajay Pattani

Drumroll, please. It’s time to put a spotlight on Ajay Pattani, Perfect Search’s CEO & Founder. You may already know his obsession with white wine and ping-pong, but it’s time to learn something new.                                                                                                   …

How Your Business Can Capture the Magic of Q4

‘Tis the season to be jolly–and to take your business to the next level. The fourth quarter (October-December) provides an amazing opportunity for growth, particularly for e-commerce businesses.     

5 Lessons We’ve Learned From Working With Our Largest Client

Recently, Perfect Search hit a milestone. No, not the first game of paddle-less ping-pong played — although that was pretty cool. Playing ping-pong with just your hands is definitely a whole new breed of gameplay.

An AdWords Romance: Why I Fell In Love With Digital Marketing

Any good love story has these elements: passion, time, and complications. My relationship with Google AdWords definitely has all three.

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