Chad G. Peterson

Chad G. Peterson thrives as a versatile digital marketing assistant with a rich background in premier agencies. He excels in devising practical online strategies that play a key role in enhancing business results. As a thoughtful writer on evolving marketing trends, Chad offers valuable insights into the ever-changing digital world. Count on him for well-rounded expertise in digital marketing.

How To Prevent Healthcare Ad Restrictions in Google and Meta

One of the worst feelings is working diligently on a digital marketing campaign only to have it result in blocked ads, downtime, even account suspensions, and fewer patients. It’s especially stressful not knowing how to get healthcare ads approved after disapproval or which words to avoid to …

How Author Bios Add E-E-A-T Signals to Blog Posts

Even with impeccable content and strategic SEO, many neglect a powerful boosting strategy: author bios. They’re not just formalities but pivotal assets, often under appreciated.

6 Ways To Block Contact Form Spam Leads And Control Bot Form Fills

Every marketing leader understands the importance of accurate data. When bots infiltrate your website forms, they muddy your insights and waste precious resources. For the CMOs and VPs of Marketing, managing these nuisances can be crucial.

11 Types of Content Marketing to Ignite Your Success in 2023

Content marketing has evolved considerably over the years, and as we dive deep into 2023, it’s imperative for businesses to stay updated on the latest trends. To keep your audience engaged and drive growth, let’s explore the types of content marketing that can amplify your success this …

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