Justin McIntyre

Director, SEO & Content

  • Superpower of Choice: Mind reading
  • Weirdest Thing He’s Ever Eaten: Frog legs
  • The Three Things He’d Need If Stranded on a Desert Island: His Kindle, a hammock, and pre-mixed margaritas
  • A Fictional Character He’d Like to be Friends with: Pikachu

3 Speedy Ways Your Site Can Be on the Fast Track for AMP

I wish it were Friday. I wish my hot pocket was done already. And I wish I could have a pumpkin spice latte even in the balmy summer months. Truth be told, I would like all the things I want to be ready right meow. And a lot of internet users are just the same. Trust me, read on.

Your Definitive Guide to Identifying Duplicate Content

12 hours of reality television? Sure. 38 bags of gummies? Gimme. And 86 frozen pizzas? Get in my belly. These are unequivocal cases of where more simply is better.

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