Max Engler

Manager, Search & Social Advertising

  • Craziest Thing He’s Ever Done: Paragliding in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Favorite Foods: Seafood linguine and Haribo Sour S’ghetti (not together, obviously)
  • Real Housewives Tagline: Don’t take my kindness for weakness
  • Guilty Pleasure: Gummy candy

Frequency Caps for Facebook Ads: What Are They and How Do You Set Them?

If you’re in the social advertising world, you might’ve run into this issue: you’re getting negative comments on your Facebook Ads because your ad was shown to the same person too many times.

Pinterest for eCommerce: How to Use Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is no longer a platform that your business can brush aside. Instead, the platform should be viewed as a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Why Advertise On Amazon?

Increasingly, customers are beginning their shopping journey online. It is projected by 2021, there will be 230.5 million digital shoppers in the United States, according to Statista.* This trend presents an opportunity for retailers to connect with potential customers online–specifically on …

How to Capitalize Off of Instagram’s Growing Ad Share

In August of 2018, it was reported that Instagram ad spend growth was growing exponentially. Instagram was seeing 4x the rate of ad spend growth in comparison to Facebook. While Instagram, overall, might be leveling out, according to Kenshoo’s quarterly trends for Q2 of 2019, Instagram Story ads …

Exploring the Amazon: A Guide to Amazon Advertising

Amazon has far surpassed the small online book retailer it once used to be. With ventures into grocery shopping, insurance, and who knows what’s next, the online marketplace has become something entirely unique. Boasting over 310 million active customer accounts, Amazon is considered one of the …

You Can Now View Your Ad Version History—Here’s What You Need to Know

From their most recent algorithm update to moving towards expanded text ads to best suit advertisers on mobile devices, Google is always trying to stay ahead of the curve. AdWords itself is also always changing. In addition to the platform’s own facelift, you can now view your ad version history. …

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