The Perfect Search Business Development Team

We love our Perfect Search team. While we’re all different, our team loves fierce kickball games, a good ping-pong rivalry, and Thursday meetings featuring Catchphrase and Summer Shandys. Find out more about our employees, our culture, and our personality here.

Four Tips on How to Send an Effective Email

It’s 4 PM, and so far I’ve received over thirty emails today. Email is the main form of communication in the business world. According to the Radicati’s email statistics report, there will be over 132 billion emails sent and received per day in 2017.

Now Easier to Become a Google Trusted Store

As of January 2015, Google announced that they have made the process of becoming a Google Trusted Store an easier process. If you or your client are an e-commerce site, becoming a Google Trusted Store will set you apart from your competitors in the online space. 

Showing the Value in Offline Conversions: New Roll-Out in Call Tracking

Believe it or not, phone call leads are some of the most valuable. This may not make sense just yet but today we aim to clear this up and show you why.

Infographic: 3 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

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5 Content Marketing Tips

The information consumers find online today directly affects their purchasing decisions.  Therefore the quality of content on your site plays a huge role in terms of overall purchasing experience.  With Google constantly improving its search algorithms, content marketing has never had as great of …

Investing in SEO? Things to Remember

When trying to understand SEO, one of the biggest difficulties is that it’s both practical and theoretical.  As a search engine optimizer, it’s my prerogative to come up with strategies and tactics that I know by experience have proven to work.  “But how well will SEO work for MY business,” …

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