Stephanie Castillo

Senior Manager, SEO & Content

  • Favorite Candy: Raisinets
  • First Job: Worked at a zoo
  • Superpower of Choice: To be super fit all the time—but still be able to eat as many cheese curds as she wants
  • Weirdest Thing She’s Ever Eaten: Alpaca

The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist

The first step in any complete SEO strategy is improving your technical SEO. Ensuring that your website is in tip-top shape helps lead to more organic traffic, ranking keywords, and conversions.

Uncovering UX (Part 1): Elements of User Experience in News & Content Sites

Earlier this year, Google announced that “page experience” is now a ranking signal for search results. This means that the practice of user experience, or UX, is paramount to an effective SEO strategy. For news and content sites specifically, it’s crucial to create a frictionless experience for …

3 Ways To Improve Your Site’s Internal Linking

When it comes to ensuring that your site is in tip-top shape, one of the cornerstones of technical SEO is optimizing your site’s internal linking. Internal links connect your content and give search engines an understanding of the structure of your website.

Working Out During Quarantine

Amidst all of the uncertainty during this time, one of the most important things that I’ve done to keep my sanity while being quarantined is maintaining a regular workout routine. Sure, I love lazing around watching Netflix all day as much as the next gal, but doing this constantly can take a …

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s BERT Update

On October 27th, 2019, Google rolled out a new technology called BERT— a change to Search, it claims, is one of the most significant algorithm updates made by Google ever.

A Guide to Optimizing Your Podcast for SEO

If you’re a business owner with a podcast, you’re most likely looking to increase the number of listens and downloads your episodes get. Making sure your podcast is receiving organic traffic is a great way to increase overall visibility of your show. Here is our guide to optimizing your podcast …

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